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I would like to thank all those that have written to me about my elusive Angels the Ombwiri.

Functioning as the guardian angels for a number of tribes in central Africa, one of which is Gabon. They are described as "white" in appearance, perhaps like a transparency that is related to "ghost" sightings. In the legend of the Ombwiri it is said that only those that are initiated into the ways of the mysterious [initiated is equated to Druids of time past] and that the Ombwiri are the "ghosts" of ancestors coming back to keep an eye on the family so to speak. "They can inflict illness and misfortune if they wish, or bring wellbeing , wealth, etc, if they deem it appropriate. Somewhat fickle characters. They demand the cooperation of their chosen descendant."

In west Africa, the religion called Yoruba, there are spiritual beings that have been compared to angels called Orisha. The Yoruba believe that the Orisha were once human beings who led notable lives and became Gods at death. For example, Nha-Sanone classified as one of the "good Gods", she is Goddess of Storms and Winds. Another Orisha is Obatala. One of the most important Gods of the Nigerian Yoruba people. With his sister Odudua he forms the primordial pair of Gods. He is the creator of the human body, his father Olorun breathes in the soul. One last example is that of Ochun. She is the Yoruba Orisha of love, matrimony and motherhood.


In Hindu mythology there have been mentioned two types of angels. The first being Angiris, who is the intermediaries between Men and Gods. They are also the angels that preside over *sacrifice.*

The other angel is called Apsaras, they sometimes were water nymphs, and other times were beings of the forest. The Apsaras were all female and have been described as being very beautiful. Being nature spirits, they were the mates [mistress'] of the Gandharvas, who would play their instruments so the Apsaras would dance and sing. Their roles as celestial singers is what ultimately associated them with Angels.


These beautiful spirits named Tenshi (Ten-shee) are of Japanese culture. Known as "messengers of the Gods", they also work for the benefit of the people.

Following along the lines of Japanese culture, in Buddhism specifically, are the female angels called Tennin (Ten-nin). Seen wearing exquisite feathered robes, these angels play musical instruments. As story has it "they may appear on a mountain, and to meet one, the pilgrim has to climb the summit."


Cited that angels were created from pure bright gems, one such angel named Hafaza protect the souls of good Muslims after death against the satans. Muslim lore also speaks of a special class of four angels. The duty which is upon these four angels, is that of writing down the actions of mortals.


In Russian folklore there is a mythical being who protects Paradise against mortals, called the Gorgoniy. Could this be related to our frame of reference as a Guardian Angel? Perhaps. As the Gorgoniy have been classified in some articles as an Angel.


Coming from the Greek word "sliphe" meaning butterfly or moth, the Slyph were first named by the Rosicrucians and Cabalists. These are found through their folklore as being invisible angels whose voice could be heard on the wind [being an "Elemental Angel"]. In art or pictures they are represented as a cherub looking angel or a delicate fairy. Through some research, I have found that Slyph's are ruled by the Archangel Raphael.

In ancient Persian (Zoroastrian) religion, the Fravashis (Favashi) are the guardian angels or protecting spirits. It is said that they were the celestial *prototype* of all created beings. Meaning that they have a duality to them. On one hand being of angel nature, but having human or mortal qualities as well.

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Ombwiri; in a manner of speaking, the protector of the family.

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