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..."finding good in the hearts of humans"

Goddess of Angels Article © Kimba 1999/2000

Shekhina (Shekina, Shechina, Shakti, Sh'kina, and Shekinah) though known by many names, is referred to as the Goddess of the Angels.

Other cultures have different meanings for her, but all have just about the same underlying meaning of Oneness:

"Holy Spirit" in Hebrew feminine form, from the biblical verb shakhan meaning "the act of dwelling." Shekhina meant the aspect of God that dwelt among people.

Jewish Kabbalistic version of Shakti meaning the "female soul of God."

Gnostic Christians using the term Sh'kina as a "spirit of glory whom beings of light lived."

Shekhina is also referred to as (Gen 48:16) "the Angel which redeemed me from all evil" uttered by Israel (Jacob).

She is the liberating Angel, manifesting her male aspect as that of Metatron. Representing compassion in its purest form, despite being, officially the female side of God. Shekhina is visible and audible as a feminine entity in her own right. Described as a beautiful being of light whose most important function is to intercede with God on behalf of her children. Believed to stand by our sides when we arrive in the heavens to be "debriefed" on our lives and experiences. Defending us in our wrongs, and always finding good in the hearts of humans. Another of her roles is to comfort the sick, the poor, the suffering and has a special place in her concerning the repentant of sinners.

I was surprised when I came across this Angel/Goddess while looking up an angel for a friend. I certainly have not heard of her before this, and have always been told there is only one God and it is a HE. Secretly knowing in my own mind that if God created us in his own image, then there had to be a female aspect to him somehow! [Note: Gen 1:26--Then God said "Let US make man in OUR image, according to OUR likeness; let THEM have dominion..."]

Her path has not always been one of harmony. Reading of the stories of her being lost and separated from God, and wandering aimlessly looking to be reunited with him once again, humans being exiled and told to go forth and suffer with the Shekhina. She still above all this, opens her arms and accepts that which make us who we are, our free will and our human nature. Teaching us that pure love is the way to unite ourselves in ONENESS. Guiding us to remember who we are as spiritual beings.

There is one story in particular that I want to mention. I read this while contemplating an article at Encyclopedia Mythica, here is the paragraph: "Since the beginning of time, six people--Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, and Miriam--could not be taken by the Angel of Death because of their perfect purity. Someone had to bring their souls to Heaven, and only Shekhina could do that. By kissing them, she released their souls from bondage to this world. In a particularly touching story, after kissing and releasing Moses' soul she carried his body for a long distance on her wings, to his secret grave." I do not know why but this moved me beyond words. I am glad that I have Shekhina watching over me, and will love me no matter my faults. She truly is the Goddess of the Angels.

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