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Angel Rulers: The Seven Heavens

"1st Heaven (Shamayim)
Gabriel--containing the clouds, winds, and upper waters, and is home to the two hundred astronomer-angels who preside over the stars.

2nd Heaven (Raquia)
Raphael--according to Enoch, it is within this heaven that the fallen angels are imprisoned awaiting final judgment in complete darkness.

3rd Heaven (Sagun or Shehaquin)
Anabel or Anahel--again here according to the writings of Enoch, within the northern boundaries of the third heaven is hell. It is here that the wicked are tortured by angels. In the southern regions, there exists a bountiful paradise, thought to be the Garden of Eden, where the souls of the righteous will come after death.

4th Heaven (Zebhul or Machanon)
Michael--It is here where the Garden of Eden is housed, and not the third heaven.

5th Heaven (Machon or Ma'on)
Sadalphon or Sammael--The northern boundaries are home to the fallen grigori (watchers) while the in the southern regions, reside the ministering angels who endlessly chant the praises of God.

6th Heaven (Zebul or Makhon)
Zebul during the night and Sabath during the day. Stormy and snow ridden, this is where the seven phoenixes and seven cherubim reside who sing the praises of God. Many other angels also call this home who study an array of subjects including astronomy, ecology, the seasons, and mankind.

7th Heaven (Araboth)
Cassiel--This is home to God and the Divine Throne, along with the highest order orders of angels--the seraphim, cherubim, and thrones."

Ruling Angels - The Four Seasons

Spring (Talvi) Governing Angel: Spugliguel (head of the sign of Spring). Serving Angels: Amatiel, Caracasa, Core, Commissoros.

Autumn (Ardarcel) Governing Angel: Torquaret (head of the sign of Autumn). Serving Angels: Tarquam and Guabarel.

Summer (Casmaran) Governing Angel: Tubiel (head of the sign of Summer). Serving Angels: Gargatel, Gaviel, and Tariel.

Winter (Farlas) Governing Angel: Attarib (head of the sign of Winter). Serving Angels: Amabael and Cetarai (Ctarari).

Presiding Angels A-E

Angel of the Abyss: Uriel

Angel of Adversity: Mastema

Angel of Agriculture: Risnuch

Angel of the Air: Chasan

Angel of Alchemy [Mineralogy]: Och

Angels of the Altitudes: Barachiel, Gabriel, Gediel

Angel of Announcements: Sirushi

Angel of Annunciation: Gabriel

Angel of the Apocalypse: Orifiel

Angel of Aquatic Animals: Manakel is one of the 72 angels of the zodiac.

Angel of the Ark of the Covenant: the angels of the ark of the covenant are usually Zarall and Jael, both belonging to the order of cherubim.

Angel of Aspirations and Dreams: according to Jewish cabala, the moon is the angel of aspirations and dreams; in occult lore, it is Gabriel.

Angel over (Tame) Beasts: Hariel

Angel over (Wild) Beasts: Thegri

Angel of Birds: Arael

Angel of the Burning Bush: Zagzagel

Angel of Calculations: Butator

Angel of Chance: Barakiel

Angel of Chaos: Michael

Angel of Comets (or Meteors): Zikiel

Angel of Commotion: Zi'iel

Angel of Compassion: Raphael is an Archangel in the 5th dimension or lower hierarchy.

Angel of Conception: Laila(h)

Angels of Confusion: Mehuman, Barbonah, Bigtha, Biztha, Abatha, Zethar, and Carcas.

Angels of Creation: Orifiel, Anael, Zachariel, Sammael (before he rebelled and fell), Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael.

Angel of Darkness: Belial (Satan)

Angel of Dawn: Lucifer [before his fall]

Angel of the Day (Daylight): Shamshiel

Angel of the Deep: Tamiel

Angel of Deliverance: Pedael

Angel of Destiny: Oriel

Angel of Destruction: Harbonah

Angel of the Disk of the Sun: Chur, in ancient Persian lore. Galgaliel, angel of the wheel of the sun.

Angel of Divination: Eistibus

Angel of the Divine Presence: Blake

Angel of Doves: Alphum

Angel of Dreams: Duma(h) and Gabriel. The Zohar II, 183a, refers to Gabriel as the *supervisor of dreams.*

Angel of the Dust: Suphlatus

Angels of Earth: Azril, Ariel, Admael, Arkiel, Ariciah, Harabel, Saragael, Yabbashael.

Angel of Earthquakes: Sui'el

Angel of Egypt: Mastema

Angel of Eyesight: Mahzian

Presiding Angels F-K

Angels of Face (or Angel of the Presence): Metatron

Angel of Fascination: Tablibik

Angel of Fertility: Samandiriel

Angel of Fire: Nathaniel

Angel of Fidelity: Tezalel

Angel over Fish: Gagiel

Angel of Flame: El Auria

Angel of Food: Manna; the angel of nourishment is Isda.

Angel of Force: Afriel, equated with Raphael

Angel of Forests: Zuphlas

Angel of Forgetting: Poteh or Purah

Angels of the Four Cardinal Points [or Regents of the Earth - Hindu]: Dhritar-ashtra, Virudhaka, Virupaksha, and Vaishravana

Angels of the Four Elements: Fire - Seraphim or Nathaniel, Air - Cherubim [no specific name given], Water - Tharsis[us], and Earth - Ariel

Archangels of the Four Elements: Fire - Michael, Water - Gabriel, Earth - Uriel, and Air - Raphael

Angel over Free Will: Tabris

Angel of Friendship: Mihr

Angel over Fruit: Sofiel

Angel of the Future: Teiaiel

Angel of Glory: Sandalphon

Angel of God: Uriel

Angel of Good Health: Rehael

Angel of Grace: Ananchel

Angel of Greece: Javan

Angel of Hail: Bardiel

Angel of Healing: Raphael

Angel of Health: Mumiah

Angel of Heroism: Narsinha

Angel over Hidden Things: Satarel

Angel of the Holy Spirit: Gabriel

Angel of Hope: Phanuel is equated with Uriel.

Angel of Hurricanes: Za'miel

Angel of Ice: Iztlacoliuhqui

Angel of Immortality: Zethar

Angel of Insomnia: Michael

Angel of Inventions: Liwet

Angel of Invocation: Ashael

Angel of Israel: Michael

Angel of Joy: Raphael or Gabriel

Angel of Judgment: Gabriel

Angel of Justice: Tsadkiel

Angel of Knowledge: Raphael

Presiding Angels L-R

Angel of Law (pertains to the Torah): Dina

Angel of Light: Isaac

Angel of the Light of Day: Shamshiel

Angel of Lightning: Barkiel

Angel of Lights: Raphael, Uriel, and Shamshiel

Angel of Longevity: Seheiah, Mumiah, Rehal

Angel of Lost Objects: Rochel

Angel of Love: Theliel

Angel of Marriage: Hagiel

Angel of Mankind: Metatron

Angel of Memory: Zachriel

Angel of Mercy: Rahmiel

Angel of Migration: Nadiel

Angel of Mineralogy [Alchemy]: Och

Angel of Morals: Mehabiah

Angel of the Muses: Uriel

Angel of Night: Leliel

Angel of Nourishment: Isda

Angel of Obedience: Sraosha

Angel of Oblivion: Purah

Angel of Oracles: Phaldor

Angel of Order: Sadriel

Angel of Passion: Jelial

Angel of Patience: Achaiah

Angel of Peace: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Phanuel

Angel of Penance: Phanuel

Angel of Persia: Dob(b)iel

Angel of Plants: Sachluph

Angel of Poetry: Uriel

Angel of Prayer: Akatriel, Gabriel, Metatron, Raphael, Sandalphon, Sizouse

Angel of Proclamation: Gabriel

Angel of Progress: Raphael

Angel of Purity: Tahariel

Angel of Rain: Matriel, Dara, Ridya, Zalbesael

Angel of Revelation: Gabriel

Angel of Rome: Edom

Angel of Running Streams: Nahaliel

Presiding Angels S-Z

Angel of Salvation: Haurvatat

Angel of Scandal: Zahun

Angel of Science: Raphael

Angel of the Sea: Rahab

Angel of Showers: Zaa'fiel

Angel of Silence: Shateiel or Duma(h)

Angel of the Sky: Sahaqiel

Angel over Small Birds: Tubiel

Angel of Snow: Shalgiel or Michael

Angel of Solitudes: Cassiel

Angel of Song: Radueriel

Angel of the Souls of Men: Remiel

Angel of the Stars: Kakabel

Angel of Storm: Zakkiel

Angel of Strength: Zeruch

Angel of the Sword: Soqed Hezi (Hazi)

Angel of Tears: Sandalphon

Angel of Thunder: Ra'miel and/or Uriel

Angel of Travel: Raphael

Angel of Trees: Maktiel

Angel of Truth: Amitiel, Michael, and Gabriel

Angel of Twilight: Aftiel

Angel of Vegetables: Sealiah and Sofiel

Angel of Victory: Bahram

Angel of Voyage: Susabo

Angel of War: Michael

Angel of Water: Tharsis

Angel of Weakness: Amaliel

Angel of Whirlwind: Ra'shiel

Angel of Wilderness: Orifiel

Angel of the Wind: Moriel, Ruhiel, Rujiel, Ben Nez, and Ephemerae

Angel of Wisdom: Zgzagel

Angel of the Womb: Armisael

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