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Angels A - E

A'albiel: An angel in service of the Archangel Michael.

Aariel: translates to "lion of God" - the name of an angel found inscribed on an Ophitic (gnostic) amulet alongside the name of the god Ialdabaoth.

Aba: serves as a ministering angel to Sarabotes.

Ababaloy: an angel invoked in Solomonic incantation operations.

Abachta : (Abagtha) in rabbinic writings, one of the 7 angels of confusion.

Abaddon: ("God's Destoryer") - The angel of the bottomless pit, the chief of the demonic locusts ("In charge of the clocusts that God sets loose to destroy the wicked people of the earth in the last days.")

Abalim: (Arelim) an order of angels known in Christian angelology as thrones.

Abasdarhon: supreme ruling angel of the 5th hour of the night.

Abathur Muzania: (Abyatur) - in Mandaean cosmology, the uthra (angel) of the North Star.

Abdals: ("the substitutes") - in Islamic lore, the name given to 70 mysterious spirits whose identies are known to God alone, and through whose operations the world continues to exist.

Abdia: ("servant") - the name of an angel that appears on the external circle of the pentagram of Solomon.

Abedumabal: (Bedrimulael) - in the goetic tract Grimorium Verum, an angel invoked in magical prayer.

Abel: translates to "Meadow." When souls arrive in Heaven they are "judged" by Abel. He is one of the twelve Powers engendered by the God Ialdabaoth. He is also of the Angels of the 4th Heaven and is invoked from the East. In The Testament of Abraham 13:11, Abel is the Angel "before whom every soul must appear for judgment after Enoch, the heavenly scribe, fetches the book containing the record of the soul in question."

Aboezra: an angel of God who is called upon in the consecration of salt.

Abracadabra: ("I bless the dead") - An ancient magical word. It is believed to be of Balkan in origin. During ancient times it was used for protection and could be found inscribed on amulets.

Abraxas: The name Abraxas is often engraved on gems and used as an amulet, or for incantation. In the Cabala, he is the Prince of Aeons. His name appears in many tracts of magic and mysticism to include; The Sword of Moses and The Book of the Angel Raziel. The word "abracadabra" is supposedly derived from the name of Abraxas, though most dispute this claim. One of his duties, or what he is known for, is being the mediator between the animate creatures of the earth and the god-head.

Abrid: in occult lore, an angel of the summer equinox, effective especially as an amulet against the evil eye.

Abrimas: an angel invoked at the close of the Sabbath.

Abru-El: ("power of God") - the Arab equivalent for Gabriel.

Abuhaza: in occultism, an angel ministering to Arcan, the latter being ruler of the angels of the air on Monday. He is subject to the West Wind.

Abuliel: in Jewish occult lore, the angel in charge of the transmission of prayer.

Abuzohar: an angel who represents the power of the moon.

Achaiah: the angel of patience. According to legend, Achaiah enjoys uncovering the knowledge of the secrets of the universe.

Achartiel: (Achathriel) - angelic names found inscribed on oriental charms (kameoth) for warding off evil.

Achazriel: an angel who serves as usher in the celestial court.

Acrabiel: an angel governing one of the signs of the zodiac.

Adityas: the shining gods of the Vedic pantheon, consisting of 7 celestial deities or angels with Varuna as chief.

Admael: an anels who stands guard over the earth.

Adnarel: ("my lord is God") - in Enoch writings, one of the angelic rulers of one of the seasons (usually winter).

Adoil: ("hand of God") - a primordial essence of divine creature of light summoned out of the invisible depths who, at God's command, burst asunder. This occured (according to Enoch II) at the time Enoch was being shown around the 10 Heavens. Out of Adoil issued all things visible in the world. The name Adoil does not appear elesewhere then in Enoch II.

Adonai: (Adonay, "God") - one of the 7 elohim of the presence (creators of the universe) in Phoenician mythology.

Adrael: ("my help is God") - an angel serving in the 1st Heaven.

Aebel: one of 3 minostering angels (the other 2 were Shetel and Anush) whom God appointed to serve Adam.

Aeon: in gnosticism, the aeon is a celestial power of a high order.

Af: a daunting angel who represents the wrath of God.

Afriel: an angel of force who may be Raphael in another guise.

Afsi-Khof: an angel who governs the month of Av (July-August).

Aftiel: in rabbinic lore, the angel of twilight.

Agad: in Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique, an angel of the order of powers.

Agiel: has been found inscribed on the first pentacle of the planet Mercury. According to Paracelsus' doctrine of Talismans, Agiel is the presiding intelligence (spirit or angel) of the planet Saturn, assisting with the spirit Zazel.

Aha: an angel of the order of dominations; a spirit of fire used in cabalistic magical operations.

Ahjmael: an angel from ancient Islamic lore. He was called upon in ancient ceremonies to frighten away evil spirits.

Ahurasangels in Aryan lore. They are also referred to as the gods of hidden knowledge.

Ahzariel: is the Angel's name that is inscribed in or on oriental charms [kamea] for warding off evil.

Aisthesis: (Thelesis, "free will") - in gnosticism, a great luminary emanated from the divine will.

Ak(h)raziel: ("herald of God") - is the angel of proclamations; also guard of the last gate in Heaven.

Akatriel: revealer of the divine mysteries and angel of proclamation.

Aktriel: an angelic price in Heaven who ranks higher then most of the other angels.

Akzariel: an angel who is called upon to ward off evil spirits.

Al Ussa: A female angel from Arabic lore.

Albim: an angelic guard of the gates of the North Wind.

Albrot: one of the 3 holy names (of God or angels) invoked in the conjuration of the Sword.

Alimon: in Mosaic incantation rites, a great angel prince who, when invoked, protects the invocant from gunshot wounds and from sharp instruments.

Altarib: an angel who exercises dominion over winter.

Amaliel: angel of punishment and weakness.

Ambassadors: the name of a group of angels who promote peace.

Ameretat: In Zoroastrianism and early Persian lore, she is considered the Angel of Immortality and the Protector of Vegetation. She is represented by Haoma, plants, and flowers. She is one of the 6 or 7 Celestial Powers of Archangels in the Zoroastrian system.

Amitiel: angel of truth, invoked as an amulet. Michael and Gabriel are credited as being such angels, along with Amitiel.

Anafiel: chief of the crown judgment angels of the Merkabah.

Anahita: (Anaitis) - a female angel of the hightest rank in Zoroastrianism.

Anauel: an angel who protects commerce, bankers, commission brokers, etc.

Angel: Some say that the word angel itself is derived from the Greek word Angelos meaning messenger. The word also derives from Angiras (Sanskrit) meaning, a divine spirit. From the Persian Angaros meaning courier. The Hebrew word Malakh meaning angel.

"While the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy" (Genesis-1). Angels were in fact created before the earth. Angels are not people that have passed, though most of us think of our departed loved ones as angels.

Belief in Angels has been an element in Christianity since its beginning before Christ (1000-600B.C.). The origins of belief in angels and demons can be traced to the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism. Early church fathers struggled with the question of whether, and to what degree, Angels should be a part of Christian doctrine. St. Paul did not favor the veneration of Angels, yet in 325A.D. the council of Nicea decreed that faith in Angels was a part of Christian dogma.

"Angelotary": the veneration or worship of angels.

Animastic: the name of the guardian angel of Moses.

Anunna: in Akkadian theology, the anunna are "angels who are almost always terrestrial spirits".

Anthriel: an angel named by New Age angeologists as one of the twelve archangels.

Apparitions: the name of a high order of angels.

Asparas: beautiful fairies of Hindu lore.

Araboth: the 7th Heaven, where the major experiences of Enoch occurred.

Arad: an Indo-Persian angel who protects religion and science.

Arafiel: one of the great angelic princes representing "the divine strength, majesty, and power".

Aralim: another name for the order of angels called Thrones.

Araphiel: ("neck of God") - one of the guardians of the 2nd hall in the 7th Heaven.

Arara: an angel from the Testament of Solomon.

Archai: an order of angels found in various angelologies.

Archan: an angel who exercised dominion over the lower rays of the moon.

Arel: an angel of fire.

Archas: one of the angels who watches over the earth.

Ariel: translates to "Lion of God." Ariel has been mentioned as both male and female. In Ariel's female aspect, she is the Angel of Nature. Ruler over the Winds and the Waters. She has been referenced as the true "Mother Nature" in this form. She is also the liaison between the Nature Spirits [Sprites and Fairies] and the Angels.

Ariel is also known in assisting Raphael in curing disease. Described as "lion-headed" in various sects of magick. For Jewish mystics, Ariel was the poetic name for Jerusalem. Ariel is of the Order of the Virtues and the Thrones.

In Ariel's male form, he is sometimes associated as a demon, it is still unclear which *side* Ariel is truly on. In the Coptic Pistis Sophia, Ariel is in charge of punishment in the lower world, corresponding with Ur of the Mandeaens. In The Testament of Solomon, he controls demons.

Ariukh: God assigned Ariukh along with another angel named Pariukh to be guardian over the writings of Enoch.

Arkiel: the angel of geography.

Asaph: an angel credited with the writing Psalm 50 and Psalms 73-83 of the Bible.

Asath [Asach]: an Angel invoked in Solomonic magical rites.

Asha, is the male counterpart of Ashi. "Asha is the angel of truth and the protector of fire. Considered the most beautiful of all the Amesha Spentas, Asha represents divine law, order, and morality. He fights death, the wicked, sickness, and all that is in opposition to the goodness of Ahura Mazda (God)." He is also the archangel of righteousness.

Ashael: an invocation Angel, mentioned in M. Gaster, The Sword of Moses.

Ashi is the angel of blessings in Zoroastrianism. She is the female form of "Asha." She is also worshipped as a Goddess in Africa (Gan, district around Accra, Ghana, West Africa) and there she is called Ashiakle. Here she is known as the Goddess of Wealth. "The daughter of Nai, god of the sea, she was born in the ocean and came to land in a canoe. Her colors are red and white."

Ashriel: "Vow of God" - one of the seven Angels with dominion over the Earth. He is the Angel who separates the soul from the body at death. In the cabala, he is invoked as a curer of stupidity.

Ashrulyai: an angel who stands guard over the palace of Wilon, the First Heaven.

Astad: in ancient Persian lore, the angel of the 26th day of each month.

Astanphaeus: the angel of presence.

Astaroth: "Astaroth is mentioned in a variety of sources, each offering contradictory identification. In Arthur Waite's "The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts," before Astaroth fell he was a prince in the order of thrones. In Spence's "An Encyclopedia of Occultism," Astaroth belonged to the order of Seraphim."

Astel: a spirit operating on the planet Saturn.

Astiro: the corresponding angel for Mehiel.

Ataliel: an angel who supports heaven with 3 fingers.

Ataiyah: a secret name for Michael or Metatron.

Atbah: in gnosticism, a secret name for the dekas, who are great archons.

Athanatos: a conjuring spirit of the planet Mercury.

Atsiluth: in cabalistic cosmogony, the world of emanation, i.e., highest of the 4 worlds, the residence of God and the superior angels.

Atuniel: ("furnace") - an angel of fire in rabbinic angelology; also, one of the angels belonging to the order of virtues.

Auriel: Hebrew for Uriel, "light of God."

Ausiel: an angel with dominion over Aquarius (water carrier).

Authorities: another name for the class of angels called Powers.

Azael: ("Whom God strengthens") - in the chronicles of Enoch he was a ministering angel in Heaven.

Azdai: an angel in Mandaen lore.

Aziel: ("he whom God gives strength") - the angel of hidden treasures.

Aziziel: an angel in Syriac incantation rites.

Azrael: "an angel whose name is found inscribed on the 5th pentacle of the moon." The angel of death in both Islam and Judaism.

Baabiel: in the cabala, an Angel serving in the first heaven.

Bachanoe [or Bachanael]: in occultism, an Angel of the first heaven and a ruler of Monday.

Bachiel [Baciel]: one of the Angels of the air serving in the fourth heaven and invoked from the east. He is also identified as one of the spirits of Saturn. Considered on of the Angelic guards of the West Wind.

Bachliel: on of the Angelic guards of the South Wind.

Badpatiel: an Angel's name fond inscribed on an oriental Hebrew charm [kamea] for warding off evil.

Bae: in The Testament of Solomon, an angel summoned for exorcising of demons.

Bagnael: one of the numerous Angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Bahram: (Barman Bahman) Known as the "Angel of Victory." "In ancient Persian cosmology, a great mihr (angel) placed over all the animals on earth except man." Barman was also "chief of 30 angels appointed to preside over the 30 days of the month. [Rf. Hyde, Historia Religionis Veterum Persarum.] He was the angel of January and governor of the 2nd day of the month." Barman is usually "pictured in an image of red stone, in human form, on his head a red crown."

Baktamael: one of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the West Wind.

Balidet: a Saturday angel of the air.

Baliel: a Monday angel,invoked from the north.

Baraborat: in occult lore, a spirit of the planet Mercury. He is a Wednesday Angel, resident either in the second or third heaven, and invoked from the East.

Baradiel: one of the 7 great archangels, a prince of the 3rd Heaven, where Baradiel shares rulership with the angel Shapiel.

Barakiel: ("lightening of God") - one of the 4 ruling seraphim and angel of the month of February.

Barbelo: a great female archon.

Barbiel: the angel of October, and the angel of Scorpio. He is also a prince of the archangels, and a prince or the Virtues.

Bardiel: in Jewish legend, the angel of hail. (hailstorms)

Bariel: ruling angel of the 11th hour of the day.

Barman: in ancient Persian cosmology, a great mihr (angel) placed over all the animals on earth except man.

Barpharanges: an angel in charge of the spring of waters of life, including baptisms.

Baruch: name translates to: "God Blesses." He is the Guardian Angel of the Tree of Life. In the occult he is considered a demon. He is the author of 4 Apocryphal books: Book of Baruch, The Apocalypse of Baruch, Greek Apocalypse of Baruch, and Rest of the Words of Barch. In the Hierarchy he is considered a Cherubim.

Baruchiachel: in 3 Enoch, one of the 7 great planetary rulers.

Basas'el: one of the angels who brought the secret knowledge of Heaven to earth.

Bashmallin: a high order of angels that are equated with the Dominations.

Bazazath: an archangel residing in the 2nd Heaven.

Behemiel: an Angel with dominion over tame beasts. Behemiel is Chief of the order of hashmallim, an order equated with that of the cherubim.

Benad Hasche: female angels of Arabic lore.

Beshter: the name of Michel in ancient persian lore.

Bethuel: an angel who wards off evil spirits.

Blueprint Angels: angels that carry the blueprints of creation.

Boel: ("God is him") - one of 7 exalted throne angels resident in the 1st Heaven.

Buhair: in Mandaen lore, one of the 10 uthri (angels) that accompany the sun on its daily course.

Burc(h)at: in the cabala, the angel of the air serving in the 4th Heaven.

Cabriel: This Angel has dominion over the sign of Aquarius. He is one of the six Angels placed over the four parts of Heaven.

Cael: an angel representing, or exercising dominion over, the sign Cancer in the zodiac.

Cahet(h)el: one of the 8 seraphim; he rules over agricultural products.

Cahor: the angel of deception.

Calliel: one of the throne angels serving in the 2nd Heaven, invoked to bring prompt help against adversity.

Camael: Camael's name translates to "He who sees God." He is regarded as Chief of the order of Powers and one of the Sefiroth. He is the ruler of the planet Mars as well as one of the governing Angels of the seven planets. Camael in Druid mythology was the "God of War". He is one of the seven angels "which stands in the presence of God".

In some writings [legends] it says that Moses destroyed this great [Arch] Angel for trying to prevent the Lawgiver from receiving the Torah at the hand of God. Some art depicts Camael as the angel who wrestled with Jacob and also the angel who appeared to Jesus during his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane to strengthen Him. In Cabalistic lore, he is considered one of the ten archangels. In magick, when Camael is invoked it is said that he appears in the guise of a leopard crouched on a rock.

Camal: the name of one of the archangels in the cabala.

Carcas: one of the angels of confusion.

Cassiel: the angel of tears, variation of the name Casziel.

Cerviel: chief of the order of principalities, a post shared with Haniel, Nixroc, and others.

Chalkydri: a variation of the name Kalkydra. The Kalkydra sing praises to God when the sun rises.

Chamael: an angel who is thought to be one of the three unnamed of the seven archangels.

Charavah: the angel that God designated to dry up the waters after the great flood.

Charman: an angel of the 11th hour of the night.

Charms: an angel of the 9th hour of the day.

Chaumel: one of the 72 Angels ruling the 72 quinaries of the degrees of the zodiac.

Chedustaniel: a Friday angel resident in the 3rd Heaven, invoked from the east.

Cerubiel: (Kerubiel) eponymous chief of the order of the cherubim. (Gabriel is also regarded as the chief of this order)

Chesed: ("mercy," "goodness") - the 4th sefira.

Chitriel: ("rod of God") - one of the angels of punishment.

Chokmah: one of the ten Holy Sefiroth of the Cabala. His abstract name is Wisdom.

Choristers: a term used when referring to singing angels.

Chosniel: ("cover") - in Mosaic incantation rites, an angel invoked for the conferring of good memory and open heart.

Chur: in Persian myhtology, Chur is the angel of the sun's disk.

Cochabiel: spirit of the planet Mercury.

Core: one of the four angels of spring.

Cripon: "a holy angel of God," invoked in magical rights.

Cunialli: the genius [spirit] of associations and one of the governing genii of the 8th hour.

Curaniel: an Angel of Monday, resident of the 1st Heaven, invoked from the South.

Cureton: "a holy angel of God" invoked black magical conjurations, as described in the grimoiries.

Daath: ("knowledge") - in the cabalistic system of divine emanations, Dath combines the 2nd and 3rd sefiroth.

Dabria: one of the 5 "men (actually angels) who transcribed the 204 (or 94) books dictated by Ezra.

Daden: in gnosticism, a great celestial power dwelling in the 6th Heaven.

Daeva: (Deva) - in early Persian mythology, the daevas were evil spirits created by Ahriman; but in Hinduism they were divine and benevolent spirits.

Dahariel: a guard of the 1st Heaven, and an angel of the order of shinanim.

Dakini: in Buddhism, God's energy is manifested in the form of a dakini. A dakini resides within each Bodhisattva, who in turn carries out angelic functions.

Daksha: One of the Adityas of Vedic beliefs. (Adityas are seven angels who reflect God's brilliant light and glory.)

Dalquiel: in the cabala, one of the 3 princes of the 3rd Heaven.

Dara: in Persian mythology, angel of rains and rivers.

Dara'il: in Arabic lore a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism.

Dardiel: one of the 3 angels of the Lord's Day (Sunday)

Daveithe: in gnosticism, one of the 4 great luminaries surrounding the Self-Begotten (i.e., God).

Degalim: an order of angels.

Deheboryn: an angel who stands guard over the palace of Wilon, the First Heaven.

Deliel: one of the angels of the 4th chora or altitude invoked in magical prayer.

Demiurge: according to Judaic lore, the Demiurge is the creator of the universe. In his works, Plato named the Demiurge as the deity who fashions the material world.

Demoniarch: a title for Satan.

Demonology: the study of demons.

Deputies: an order of angels.

Derdekea: a heavenly female power who descends to earth for the salvation of man.

Deva: a type of nature spirit. The devas are the architects of the physical realm. They hold the blueprints to all earthly creation. Everything that is manifested in the physical realm is watched over by a deva.

Devatas: in Vedic lore, the devatas are analogous to the Judaeo-Christian angels.

Devotion: one of the Amesha Spentas (archangels) of Zoroastrianism. She is also called Armaiti.

Dina: a guardian angel of the Law (Torah) and of wisdom.

Djibril: (Jibril, Gabriel) - called, in the Koran, the "Faithful Spirit."

Dobiel: once the guardian angel of Persia.

Dohel: the angel who holds the keys to the four corners of the earth.

Dokiel: the weighing angel, "who is like the sun, holding the balance in his hand."

Dolphins: dolphins are called angels of the sea. Some believe that dolphins have a connection to the angels and a message for humankind.

Domiel: in Merkabah mysticism, a guardian angel of the 6th hall of the 7th Heaven. He is a archon.

Dominion: the name of the "oldest angel" according to Philo.

Douth: one of the 9 angels that "run together throughout the heavenly and earthly places."

Drial: an angel who stands guard over the palace of Maon, the Fifth Heaven.

Duma(h): previous guardian angel of Egypt. the angel of silence and of the stilness of death.

Dunamis: another name for the class of angels called the Powers.

Durga: the greatest of the Shakti in Hinduism.

Dynamis: one of the 7 aeons who, as is said of Pistis Sophia, procreated the superior angels.

Earth Angels: in Persian mythology the angel of earth is Isphan Darmaz.

Eblis: in Persian and Arabic lore, Eblis is the equivalent of the Christian Satan.

Efchal: another name for the Zophiel?

Efniel: an angel belonging to the order of the cherubim.

Egoroi: a variation of the name Grigori. The Grigori were a class of angels assigned to watch over mankind.

Eiael: an angel with dominion over occult sciences, longevity, etc.

El: (pl. elohim) - a term for God or angel.

El Auria: angel of flame.

Eleinos: in gnostic lore, one of the powers or aeons.

Elemiah: one of the 8 seraphim of the Tree of Life.

Elim: the guardian angel of Libbeus the Apostle. The term elim also denotes a high order of angels along with the orders of erelim and tafsarim.

Elimiel: in Jewish cabala, the angel (spirit intelligence) of the moon.

Elohim: a high order of angels. They are sometimes referred to as shining beings.

Empyrean: in Christian angelology, the empyrean is the abode of God and the angels.

Enwo: in Mandaean lore, a spirit of one of the 7 planets; specifically he is the uthra (angel) of science and wisdom to be compared with Raphael in Judaeo-Christian angelology.

Ephemerae: angels that lived only for a day or less, expiring right after they finished chanting the Te Deum.

Ercle: an Etruscan angel who belonged to the group of angels called the Novensiles. The Novensiles ruled over thunderbolts.

Erel(l)im: ("the valiant ones") - also called ishim; an order of angels in the celestial hierarchy equated with the order of thrones.

Eremiel: an angel who watches over souls in the underworld.

Ertosi: angel of the order of Powers and an angel of Mars.

Eth: ("time") - an angelic power, a ministering angel, charged with seeing to it that "all events occur at their appointed time."

Ethnarchs: angels that exercise authority over nations.

Euchey: an angel called upon in exorcisms to ward off demons.

Eudaemon: one of the Greek terms for angel.

Exousia: the Greek term for the angelic order translated variously as power, authority, virtue, in the New Testament.

Ezriel: an angel's name found inscribed in an Aramaic amulet discovered among the recent Dead Sea scrolls.

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