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Moon IconJune Moon Information:

Full Moon:
7 June 11:13 AM PST Angel Gabriel Presiding

New Moon:
22 June 12:36 PM PST Angel Michael Presiding

Angel of June: Muriel. Muriel is from the Greek, "myrrh". He is the "ruler of the sign of Cancer (crab), as cited in Camfield, "A Theological Discourse of Angels, p. 67. Muriel is one of the rulers of the order of dominations. He is invoked from the south and is able to procure for the invocant a magic carpet. In addition, he serves under Veguaniel as one of the chief angelic officers of the 3rd hour of the day."

Full Moon for June is called the Mead Moon.

Other variations are: Moon of Horses, Lovers' Moon, Honey Moon, or Rose Moon.

Deities - Isis, Green Man, Cerridwen, and Ishtar.

Birthstone Precious Stone - Pearl
Brithstone Semi-Precious - Pearl
Crystals - Topaz, Agate, and Flourite
Flower Essense - Lavender, Orchid, Yarrow
Flower - Rose
Herbs - Vervain, Parsley, Dog Grass, Mosses
Trees - Oak

Scents - Lily of the Valley, Lavender

Colors - Orange, Green (Lively)

Animals - Monkey, Butterfly, Frog
Birds - Wren, Peacock

Activities - Strengthen positive energies, Yoga, Swimming

Moon IconJuly Moon Information:

Full Moon: 2:23 AM PST
Angel Anael Presiding

New Moon: 7:36 PM PST
Angel Cassiel Presiding

Angel of July: Verchiel. He is one of the rulers of the order of powers. Known to be governer of the sun and also the ruler of the sign of Leo in the zodiac. It is also said in some sources that he is a "prince of the virtues."

Full Moon for July is called the Hay Moon.

Other variations are: Blood Moon, Wort Moon, Blessing Moon, and Thunder Moon.

Deities - Juno, Cerridwen, Venus, and Athene.

Birthstone Precious Stone - Ruby
Birthstone Semi-Precious - Ruby
Crystals - Moonstone, White Agate, Obsidian

Flower Essence - Lotus, Jasmine
Flower - Water Lily
Herbs - Honeysuckle, Lemon Balm, Hyssop
Trees - Oak, Ash, Aspen

Scents - Frankincense

Colors - Silver, Light-Blue

Animals - Turtle, Dolphin, Whale
Birds - Starling, Swallow

Activities - Blessing Home & Family, Meditate on Peace, Gardening, Setting Goals

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