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Blue Healing Candle

Healing Candle: Visualize where you want healing energies to go.

Guardian Angel

"Angel of God, my guardian dear,
To whom God's love commits me here;
Ever this day [or night], be at my side,
To light, to guard, to rule and guide. Amen."

~~You may recall this simple poem as a child. Believe it or not this is an invocation to conjure up one's guardian angel. In its simplest form, Angel Magic[k].

Asking your Guardian Angel's Name

A simple, but effective way to ask for your Guardian Angel's name.

    Sit in a relaxed, quiet, peaceful environment. You can by all means include in your space items that you either have on your angelic altar or special items that have great meaning to you (candles, incense, totems, etc.).
    Clear your mind, open and be receptive to subtle messages. Become approachable. This means to disregard any negative or dross energies that you may be "holding" onto.
    Create a white light surrounding you. This white light is of a loving energy - the aura surrounding you should be of the utmost golden respectful light.
    Ask your Guardian Angel what their name is. Listen carefully - record the first name that comes into your mind. Ask respectfully for any help that you may need.
    Always give gratitude. This can be in the form of "Thank you," Amen," or "Brightest Blessing."

~~This is a very easy exercise to do. If you do not get a name the first time do not be discouraged.

To Charge (Cleanse) Crystals with the help of the Angels ©Kimba

Hold your designated crystals for charging in your right hand [Cleansing crystals is done holding them with left hand - Charging is done holding them with right hand] with the crystals laying in the center of the palm of your hand.

Physically turn yourself to face the direction of the presiding Angel. For example: if asking Raphael for help with healing you would then face to the East.

While making intentions clear, say your invocation [prayer] out loud and directly to the palm of your hand that contains the crystals. For Example: "I wish to charge these crystals with healing light and love. Archangel Raphael; I give great gratitude for your assistance and eternal guidance. Blessings."

*Note: This can also be used to charge your intentions into candles and incense.

*Note: For strengthened healing energies and you are a Reiki practitioner -- draw symbols and Reiki item[s] after you have charged it.

Healing Candle ©Kimba


  • 1 Novena Candle -- Blue or White -- Plain glass no picture.

  • Black Permanent Marker

  • Small Saucer (Always use caution when using candles; be sure that the holder is stable and holds the candle securely, never leave candle unattended-especially in the company of children)

  • Lighting stick, beeswax lighting candle, or lighter. (Do not use matches, as the properties of the match will erase your intentions.)
  • Instructions:
    1. Take black marker and write Raphael's signature [symbol] on side of candle.
    2. Write "Healing" at top of symbol.
    3. Write "Raphael" at bottom of symbol.
    4. Place candle on saucer -- before lighting ensure that candle is in a safe and stable place.
    5. Light your candle with lighting stick/candle. [Do not use matches or lighter as this will erase the energies of the candle]
    6. As you focus on the flame, envision what/whom you want healing energies to go -- if person state their name and location -- if event or situation state time and place.
    7. After you have finished be sure to give gratitude in the form of thanks, amen, or blessings.
    8. Keep candle lit for at least 10 minutes under your supervision.
    9. Light candle each day until candle is used. Do not light this candle for any other purpose then what you charged it with.
    10. Discard used candle at your discretion. Suggested way to discard candle is to bury the candle in the earth so that healing sent to Gaia and all of her children.

    *Note: You can also use this same invocation using other Archangels. Suggestions -- Michael for Strength, Uriel for Wisdom, and Gabriel for Nature/Natural Situations.

    *Note: For strengthened energies and you are a Reiki practitioner -- draw symbols and Reiki before you light your candle.

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    Guardian Angel

    Connecting with your Guardian Angel. What is your name?

    This in no way guarantees healing or any other properties that are associated with these invocations - Kimba [Kimbas Angels] is not liable for any wrong doing that may come from using these invocations or any facsimile. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

    Please review the Copyright Information.
    Thank you.