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Candles are used for a variety of different reasons in regards to the angels.

Introduction to Angel "Magic"

The first definition or term I would like to explain is the role of Magi (Magus). Webster's Dictionary defines the Magi as:

Magi (maji)n.pl. [Magus] 1, The "Three Wise Men," Matt. 2:1-12.
2, priests in ancient Persia.

The Magus were often to be known as "in the service of God". In this day of medieval times this sect were treated with "royalty" status among other priests of the time. Assigned a cleric (priest of secretarial skills) they set to work to gain knowledge and wisdom that only the angels could provide. Because knowing one cannot "speak" (In the verbal sense) to God directly, the belief was that through the angels the words of the Magus would be heard.

The Cleric would write in great detail all that the Magus had done, performed, said, and the results of his work. These writings were cataloged and bound into manuscripts called "grimoiries." These manuscripts contained the very powerful conjurations and invocations to summon angels.

Again I refer to the Webster's Dictionary for the definitions of Invocation and Conjuration:

Invocation (in-vo-ka-shen)n. 1, act of invoking 2, a prayer.
Conjure (kon-jer)v.t. & i 1, call up or bring about by, or as if by, magic; practice magic.

The Magus would use certain tools in his performance of invoking and conjuring the angels. Two that I will use for example are still used today by many people worldwide; and not only by Christians. These two tools have been used by different religions, different people, and in different time periods. One thing is they have withstood the test of time.

The first tool I would like to mention is that of candles. Some of us light candles for just the sheer pleasure of the flickering flame, or the scent that permeates the air around us. In medieval times the Magus would light a special candle that was cleansed of negativity and charged with his utmost intentions. He would then set about to invoking a conjuration to summon the angel for which he needed either knowledge or to ask a favor. I have read in some grimoiries that the shape of the angel was actually seen in the smoke of the candle, and that the cleric indeed did hear the voice of the angel.

In modern times most use candles in about the same way, but to different degrees. One might light a candle on Sunday mass to pray (invoke) wellness for a loved one that is ill or for the well being of their family. Others use them for the energies they possess in them. For example a white candle lit represents many things, just one, being protection. Combine that with a scent of protection and your candle draws even more energy in itself. By saying your invocation while lighting your candle makes your intentions loud and clear for all the entities to hear.

The second and last tool for this page I will speak of is that of incense. In much the same way as the candle, the invocation to conjure up the angel using incense was done to give the angel "the smoke" which they could use to appear in form.

Through my research I have found that angels LOVE smell, color, and scent. This is why sometimes when you smell lilacs in the dead of winter you look for someone holding a bouquet. Next time, thank your angel! Lighting incense helps to draw the spirits closer to you and also to help relax and open your mind. Remember that the three wisemen brought the baby Jesus frankincense and myrrh? Buddhism also makes very much the use of incense, temple priests are given the duty to make sure that there is some burning at all times. The energies that incense holds are just as strong as the candle.

I hope that putting angel magic[k] in this type of light sheds the fear and evil that is often associated with it. I hope you have enjoyed my essay of sorts on angel magic[k].

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Incense is used in many sacred places and spaces. It has been documented that angels love scents; use incense in your meditations to help connect with your angels.

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