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To learn more about Reiki please visit The Crystal Chamber Healing Center.

For more information on Angelic Lightwork and Healing please see my section entitled Angelic Lightwork

Angelic Blessing Interpretation FAQ
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What happens after I order?
Once your order is received, you will be sent an email with information and instructions on what is needed to continue with your interpretation. Please be sure to check your email (and spam folder) for email from Kimbas Angels! If you have not heard from Kimbas Angels within 24 hours, please contact me.

Do you do interpretations by phone?
No. All interpretations are done through email.

Why do your schedule your interpretations?
Though all of my interpretations are done by email, I schedule for a couple reasons: I cannot always do the interpretations as soon as the order comes in as I have other interpretations or personal appointments that I must attend to and this allows you to relax with positive energies for a few moments to acknowledge that the interpretation being done.

Do you really research everything?
Each keyword and presiding angel(s) is researched in relation to your interpretation, you will not just receive a name of an angel. Information about the keyword and angel(s) is provided to include bibliography so that you may further read about these subjects. Please be assured these are not scripted or stored histories of a few selected angels.

Can I ask you questions about my interpreation afterwards?
Once you have received your interpretation there are of course unlimited comments/questions.

Do you sell my information?
Confidentiality. Be it known that your e-mail address, personal information, and the reading/sessions itself will NEVER be discussed, sold, rented, shared, or given to anyone unless otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of law. Kimba's Ethics

What is Reiki?
"Reiki is an ancient Healing Method that has come to us from Japan through the teachings of Usui Mikao. The word "Reiki" comes from two Japanese words - Rei meaning Universal and Ki (or Chi in Chinese) meaning Energy.

Reiki is a powerful healing energy and is one of the few forms of healing that can be used for oneself or others. The Universe, the space around us, is filled with endless and inexhaustible energy. Reiki is this natural healing energy, and it flows through the hands of the Reiki channel in a powerful and concentrated form.

Reiki brings the body and mind into balance and works on all levels: the physical, spiritual, emotional and soul level. Reiki encourages self-healing, strengthens body and soul, opens blocks, balances Chakras, rebuilds harmony and flows in unlimited quantity.

Reiki is not a religion. It has no doctrines, creeds or contradictions to the Universal Laws of Consciousness and Love. No matter where the person may be at in a certain point in their life, Reiki will harmonize and embrace their philosophical counterpoint, adding to it the Divine Presence."

What is Reiki Distant Healing?
Reiki (Rei "Universal" Ki "Energy") Energy is not limited to space and time as we know it. Using all of the Reiki symbols the practitioner is able to send healing energies over great distances (even to the past or future; for example to a job interview). This sending of Reiki energies can be done without the client even being with the practitioner and it works quite well.

Reiki Distant (by proxy - which is my preferred method) Healing is when a Reiki Practitioner sends Reiki to a person, group, or an event. In the case of the two interpretations that I do; Chakra and Raphael I want to assure that I only send Reiki for these intended purposes; I do not do anything without the client's knowledge. Reiki healing energies are always used for the highest good - both for the healer and for the recipient, and will not cause harm. The requirement to begin a session is included within the instructions that are sent to you by email, and this is in asking for your name and date of birth. This gives me permission to have this exchange of energy flow with the client.

It is not a requirement that you be in meditation or in a relaxed state; but in essence there needs to be a genuine honest willingness from the client to receive and benefit from the healing Reiki energies. It does help at your appointed time to acknowledge that the Reiki session is beginning; clear your mind for a moment and take a deep cleansing breath. If you would like to meditate during the session, please do so!

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Disclaimer: Distant or Absentee Reiki Healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis/treatment. A Reiki Practitioner does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications. Reiki Healing is a modality that accentuates with conventional medical treatment(s).

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