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  • ONE mind.... 3/8/2000 Kimba

    If ONE seeks to meditate.... the answers do come.
    If ONE seeks another ONE...the energies are bonded.
    If ONE seeks a group of ONE's...the mountains they could move.
    Let's MOVE some mountains!

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    Reflections 12/23/1999 Kimba

    When the sunrises, and the rays are atop the trees...
    It is like reflection off a mirror.
    The eyes staring back at me are older....
    The pain is still there of past mistakes.
    The glint comes forward to remind...
    That life is better now, and it took time.
    For now you have the sun, and all of its warm rays...
    With each passing day, the spirit sighs; we have made it this far.

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    Did you see? 12/23/1999 Kimba

    Did you see the moon last night? In all of its wondrous glory?

    The rays off the moon were that of a sun, a sun that shone brightly in the night sky. She was there in the moon. Her eyes loving. Her nose and mouth. She watched over us all this eve, with hopes that we will evolve into a more loving and caring race.

    She knows you see of the strife on our planet, and she has come to visit, not for tea...but to plea. So hear her, listen to her, and listen to your soul. Do not let the Mother Earth suffer anymore.

    Spirits unite.... Take care of one another.

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    Pure Love 1/4/2000 Kimba

    Pure love is when your child smiles at you...for no reason at all.
    Pure love is when you are ill, and are brought that hot cup of tea.
    Pure love is being told I love you, and there is no special occasion.
    Pure love is what is in your heart AND your soul.

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    Peace 2/2/2000 Kimba

    Peace does not come easy in such a hectic and chaotic life. When do we exhale and know that all will be well?

    Everyone tells us "in time." What watch are they looking at? I think mine has an eight-day clock and my calendar a never-ending year.

    Does it get better? Yes, I think it gets better. And we learn to live with our surroundings and ourselves. And that is what there is. We are happy when we can and we cope with the bad the best way we can. That is all anyone can ask of us. That is all we can provide for others and us.

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    Another day in my reality... 3/5/2000 Kimba

    Sometimes I wonder as I look upon the world, whatever happened to peace and love for our brothers and sisters?

    Where did "we" go wrong? Why would one brother take out another sister?

    We can unite on certain terms and conditions. But cannot unite to save a child from starvation, no matter the cost.

    We can unite when we feel our rights have been violated, but cannot unite to put a roof over a families head.

    We can unite when we feel that it will never happen in our city or town, but unity is not there for the young man that has lost himself.

    People.... it is time to just unite...period.

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    Angelic Love 11/9/2000 Kimba

    When wings of love enfold to say that you are a bright and blessed soul...

    When the light encompasses to let our spirit know that we are growing, and when life takes its toll...

    You are there when we need you the most and teach us lessons of wisdom and grace...

    And just when we think our lives are too hectic, you come to touch us upon our shining face, just to say, slow down your pace...

    Thank you for the love and light that you bring each day. And the hope to carry on.

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    The Path 11/9/2000 Kimba

    The path that I have set upon has not been one of the easiest I have ventured on. Things at times seem like they will never work, it is impossible. So far out of reach that not even a glimmer of light is at the end of the tunnel.

    I often ask myself "Why do I even go on?" and you know I still do not have the answer to that. I just do. Each morning now is considered a new adventure. Each morning brings new hope that will bring harmony.

    I am only who I am. I am nothing more. Nothing less. I cannot be what you want me to be. I cannot be what the world expects me to be. You must accept me for the spirit that I am, and if not then do not walk the path with me.

    This is a wondrous journey to be shared by all. Agreeing to disagree. Loving and Caring. Peaceful and in Harmony. Being of a Like Mind. United.

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    Mysteries 5/31/2001 Kimba

    Each day when one awakes and rubs the sleep from their eyes, they sit and wonder what the day will bring....

    Fire breathing dragons with knights in shining armor.

    A tea party with the aliens from Mars.

    An Egyptian princess floating on her barge down the Nile.

    A Magus and his apprentice pouring over ancient texts.

    -Just for today, look at the world through a child's eye.

    -Just for today put your "adult" aside.

    ...Make this day and days to come a Mystery...filled with adventure!

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