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"I pray for a more friendly, More caring, and more understanding Human family on this planet.

To all who dislike suffering, Who cherish lasting happiness -- This is my heartfelt appeal."

~~ His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet

Angelic Lightwork Articles

Compassionate Heart Energies
by Kimba
Kimba's Angels ©February 2008

"During this month our thoughts turn towards the holiday of Valentines. Though it is believed that this holiday was made up by the greeting card company Hallmark, it does give us the opportunity to take pause and think of our loved ones that we have been out of touch with. Throughout this month we can make a conscious effort to share our thoughts and prayers; to let them know that they are in our hearts."

"Be that of the angelic mindset and share these compassionate energies with those around you. Smile at a neighbor, call a friend who may be feeling a bit blue, or tell a family member how much you appreciate them. Soon you will notice the compassionate heart energies flowing from one person to the next; almost as if they were infectious!"

"Be sure that as you spread your compassionate heart energies to others that you also energize your SELF with loving energies. During your meditations; open your Heart Chakra fully and let it swell with the emotions of unconditional love. It is easy to let dross energies get us down during these cold winter months. Remember that YOU are loved! The angels reinforce these messages (reminders!) to YOU that you are loved and protected!"

"Archangel Raphael holds the title "Angel of Love, Light, Prayer, and Joy" (Davidson, Dictionary of Angels). When referring to or working with compassionate heart energies he is the angel that we call upon for aid in our healing practices, meditations, and Lightwork. Call upon Raphael and his legions of love and light angels to assist you in sharing your "heart" energies!"

Compassionate Energies:
Archangel: Raphael
Angel: Theliel
Direction: East
Color: Green
Chakra: Heart
Element: Air

by Kimba

"Call upon Bahman when you need that little bit of extra strength to overcome obstacles that may be lying in front of you on your path. Bahman is there in both feminine and masculine energies - to help you harmonize and balance your journey where you need it most.

Read the informative research below; meditate for a minute or two and see what messages you receive from your angels!"

Who is Bahman?

Bahman is better known as Barman in most of the documentation and literature. That is to say that when you start to research this angel you will find more information under the variation of the name then you will the actual name. Other variations of the name are Bahram and Barmael.

Bahman as Archangel Barmael (female form - presence) is one of the "Primary Guardians of the Planetary Animals". "In ancient Persian cosmology, a great Mihr (angel) placed over all the animals on earth except man."

Bahman holds the title and is the "Angel of Victory" As Barmael; she "serves as an Archangel of the First Ray of Will Empowerment". It is said that Barman was; "Chief of 30 angels appointed to preside over the 30 days of the month. [Rf. Hyde, Historia Religionis Veterum Persarum.] He was the "Angel of January" and governor of the 2nd day of the month." Barman is usually "pictured in an image of red stone, in human form, on his head a red crown."

In one source, the definition to follow "Barman" states "see VOHU MANO" [Rf. Cresswell, Watkins Dictionary of Angels]. The information that follows is what I gleaned about Vohu Mano: "Vohu Manah (Vohu Mano, Vohuman) Vohu Manah is the "Good Mind, Intelligence and Good Thinking". It stands for the discerning wisdom and thorough thinking required for leading a useful life. It is the generator of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. He is given the freedom to choose between good and evil, and the responsibility to reap the consequences. He is the Intellectual Principle and was the first Amesha Spenta created by Ahura Mazda, at whose right hand he sits."

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The Angel of Karma
by Kimba

"Angel of Karma"; who to turn to when we have questions about Karmic Cycles, this angels name is: Vretil (Archangel). It is said of him that he is the wisest of all the angels. Variations of his name are: Vretiel, Vrevoil, and Pravuil. It is said that he is a sacred record keeper of all the knowledge and deeds of the Lord. This associates him with the well known Archangel Uriel and also the functions of the Egyptian god Thoth. Vretil's "official" title is "the arch-angelic keeper of the treasury of the Sacred Books".

In this passage Vretil is known by the variation VrevoilV: "Vrevoil is described in the Second (Slavonic) Book of Enoch as being the swiftest in wisdom of all the archangels. It was Vrevoil who was supposedly commanded by the Lord to bring forth the books from the heavenly treasury and to dictate to Enoch unceasingly for thirty days and thirty nights; in the end, Enoch, using pen and ink provided by the angel, would write 366 books concerning virtually every form and kind of knowledge."

He is often referred to in Enoch II as shown above and also in Ezra lore again being described as the "scribe of the knowledge of most high"; there are other references to this "title" such as in The Book of Enoch (pg. 28). Vretil is "equated with Dabriel, Uriel, Enoch, Radueriel, and Pravuil, and is associated or identified with "the man clothed in linen" (Ezekiel 9:2 et seq.)."

Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. Vretil reminds us that our paths and the way we walk upon our path does have an impact not only ourselves but on the environment around us (our Self, people around us, the energy surrounding us, etc.). Obstacles and challenges that we encounter on our journey help to teach us lessons of compassion and love. Vretil helps guide and instruct us that what we give eventually we receive - if we want positive loving energies directed toward our Self (Inner) then we need to give in kind.

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