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Regent and Ruler of the Sun

Raphael holds the title "Ruler of the Sun" while Uriel is known as a regent of the sun

Energy Colors:
  • Raphael-Blue

  • Gabriel-Green

  • Michael-Red

  • Uriel-Yellow

  • Raphael: Communicating with the Archangel for Healing and Creativity
    Raphael: Communicating with the Archangel for Healing and Creativity by Richard Webster

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    Below are the four most commonly referenced and widely accepted Archangels.

    Gabriel: His name means "God is my strength." Variations of his name include: Gavriel and Gabriella. In Jewish legend/lore, Gabriel is female known as Gabriella - being the only female Archangel. In Islamic Gabriel translates to Jibril and it is Jibril who revealed the Koran to Muhammad. He presides over Paradise, and although he is the ruling prince of the 1st heaven, he is said to sit on the left-hand side of God. Gabriel is known as the archangel of revelation, creativity, and faith.

    "Apart from Michael, he is the only angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament - unless we include among the Old Testament books the Book of Tobit, usually considered apocryphal, in which case Raphael, who appears there, becomes the 3rd-named angel…" Gabriel is called the bringer of good news for throughout much of the scriptures and ancient texts he has been known to bring tidings of joy and happiness. He also helps those with talents in art and communication. "During the middle ages, Christians believed him to be the angel of light."

    Many titles have been bestowed (accredited) to Gabriel through many different sources, these include; Ruler of the Sixth Heaven, Chief Ambassador to Humanity, Chief Ambassador to God, Ruling Prince of the Cherubim, Divine Herald, Angel of Revelation, Angel of Aspirations, Angel of Truth, Divine Husband, Prince of Justice, Angel of Joy, Angel of Childbirth, Archangel of the Holy Sefiroth, Trumpeter of the Last Judgment, Governor of Eden, Angel of Vengeance, Angel of Death, Angel of Mercy, Angel of Judgment, and Angel of the Apple Tree.

    Archangel to those born under the sign: Aquarius - Pisces - Scorpio (Alternate Resources State: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio). He is of the four winds, his direction west. Being "nature-like", his energy color is green and blue-green. His element is Water. His season is winter. Tree: Willow (Though he is also Angel of the Apple Tree - conflicting sources). His symbol is that of a trumpet. Colors representative: white and silver.

    Michael: His name means "Who is as God" He is of action and strength. Michael is known as the archangel of peace, harmony, and balance. He leads the angels of light (celestial army) in battle against the legions of angels of darkness. In the Dead Sea scrolls [Wars of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness], "Michael is the Prince of Light battling against the sons of darkness," the sons of darkness it is said is led by the demon Belial.

    He is also known for kneeling to Mary and telling her of her approaching death (Gabriel being the Archangel who announced the birth of the Virgin's God-child). It is told in Judaic lore that it was Michael who prevented Abraham "from sacrificing his son Isaac." Through legend/myth it is told that Archangel Michael is who appeared to Moses in the burning bush.

    Titles that have been accredited to Archangel Michael include: Angel of Mercury, Leader of the Archangels, Viceroy of Heaven, Prince of Virtues, Divine Protector, Guardian of Peace, Angel of Sunday, Master of Balance, Angel of Earth, Angel of the Olive Tree and Angel of the Almond Tree.

    Archangel to those born under the sign: Aries - Leo - Sagittarius. He is of the four winds, his direction south (Conflicting sources state he is Ruler of the East). Being "warrior-like" his energy color is red. His element is Fire. His season is autumn. Tree: Almond. His symbol is that of a sword. Colors representative of Michael are: gold, yellow, and rose.

    Raphael: His name means "God has healed." According to legend/myth, this true name was Labbiel. "God changed his name from Labbiel to Raphael when he sided with God on the issue of creating man." He is one of the seven angels that attend the throne of God. He belongs to at least four of the celestial orders: seraphim, cherubim, dominions, and powers. Raphael is known to be the angel of science and knowledge.

    He holds the title of the Angel of Healing. Raphael is the archangel of healing, physical body, and world healing. He is charged with healing mankind and the earth. He has been recorded throughout time as healing and as being the author of healing books (cited in some sources for example: Book of Raziel). This is the book that legend says he gave to Noah that contained cures for diseases.

    Titles for which Archangel Raphael holds are; Angel of Love, Chief of the Guardian Angels, Ruler of the Sun, Angel of Heat, Prince of Virtues, Guardian of the Tree of Life, Angel of Sunday, Angel of Compassion, Angel of Force, Angel of the Melon Bush and the Angel of Wednesday.

    Archangel to those born under the sign: Gemini - Cancer - Capricorn (Alternate resources state: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). He is of the four winds, and his direction is east. Being of healing his energy color is blue. His element is Air. His season is spring. Tree: Aspen. His symbol is the serpent (Caduceus). Other symbols associated with Raphael are a "vial of balm and an arrow." Colors representative of Raphael are: orange and light blue.

    Uriel: His name means "light or fire of God." There are many variations of Uriel's name; Auriel, Oriel, Ouriel, and Pheniel are a few. Uriel is known as the archangel of enlightenment, physical order, and ecology. Uriel is ranked variously with seraphim, cherubim, and regent of the sun. He is the angel of presence and presides over Tartarus (Hades) while being the archangel of salvation. He holds the title and watcher of thunder and terror. In the Book of Adam and Eve he is one of the cherubim's of Genesis 3 and also presides over the repentance. Uriel was reprobated at a Church Council in Rome, 745 C.E. - now however, he is Saint Uriel.

    Because of Uriel's work with nature, he is the overseer of Nature Spirits as well. "The Magus claims that alchemy "which is of divine origin" was brought down to earth by Uriel, and that it was Uriel who gave the cabala to man, although this "key to the mystical interpretation of Scripture" is also said to have been the gift of Metatron."

    Archangel Uriel's many titles do include: Prince of Seraphim, Angel of the Presence, Angel of Poetry, Angel of Prophecy, Angel of Music, Angel of Summer, Light of God, Angel of Retribution, Angel of September, Angel of Hunter, and Angel of the Nut Tree.

    Archangel to those born under the sign: Libra - Virgo - Taurus (Alternate resources state: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn). He is of the four winds, and his direction is north (Sources do cite that he is Angel of the South). Being of the earth his energy color is yellow. His element is Earth. His season is summer. Tree: Oak (Though he is also Angel of the Nut Tree - conflicting sources). His symbol is an open hand holding a flame. Colors representative of Uriel are: indigo or purple.

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    Archangel Uriel is the Angel of Poetry and Prophecy


  • Uriel-North

  • Michael-South

  • Raphael-East

  • Gabriel-West
  • Michael is the Angel of Earth
    Michael is the "Angel of the Earth"


  • Gabriel-5th

  • Michael-3rd

  • Raphael-2nd

  • Uriel-1st

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