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We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.
~~Luciano de Crescenzo

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Hello my name is Kimberly (Kimba is my nickname) and thank you for visiting Kimbas Angels! Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee and stay awhile! I created Kimba's Angels to be a safe place for everyone to come and experience angels. To take away from it what is true to them - discard what is not, but above most feel comfortable and loved.

My approach to the angels is a little different; I research and then share the information. I do not come from a theologian or religious background whatsoever. I take a very simplistic viewpoint, for example; comparing descriptions and "duties" between angels (and their counterparts) between cultures rather then the religious backgrounds of the two deities (Angels and Valkyries or Angels and Isis for example).

I "think" this allows for the individual reader to come to their own conclusions based on their own ideals/beliefs. The reason why I say ideas is because I have always thought that beliefs sound "set" in stone, ideas allow for change as one walks upon their path. I respect this in others.

This is a life long journey and path that started many years ago, more then I can count, at a time when I needed the angels and their guidance the most. I do not know what I would have done without their wisdom and knowledge. Since they have entered my life, I have been in awe and also fascinated with the rich history of the celestial spirits. I now have been steadily researching Angels for well over twelve years.

This website is but a small representation of this work. I hope that you enjoy reading the pages of Kimba's Angels as much as I love researching and sharing them. If you should have any comments or questions please contact me. I volunteer my time and research, if you should have any research questions, please see the Research Help section.

In Light, Love, and Brightest Blessings,

Certificates Held
Usui/Tibetan Reiho Reiki Master/Teacher (Level IIIb)
Usui/Tibetan Reiho Reiki Master/Healer (Level IIIa)
Usui Shiki/Tibetan Reiho Reiki Level II Practitioner
Usui Shiki/Tibetan Reiho Reiki Level I Practitioner
Usui Reiki Ryoho Level II Practitioner
Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I Practitioner
Ordination by Crystal Chamber Ministries

First and foremost, I am a proud Mom and Wife
Usui/Shiki/Reiho/Gendai Reiki Master/Teacher
Researcher, Angelologist, and Author
Minister of Healing
Angelic Lightworker

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A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson
A Dictionary of Angels
by Gustav Davidson

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