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Angels U - Z

Ubaviel: an angel with the dominion over the sign of Capricorn.

Umabel: in the Cabala, Umabel is said to have dominion over physics and astronomy. He is also one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of God Shemhamphorae. His corresponding angel is Ptiau. His sigil is figured in La Kabbale Pratique, p. 294.

Umahel: one of the archangels. Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique, does not say what the mission of this archangel is.

Uriel: is known as the archangel of enlightenment, physical order, and ecology. His name means "light or fire of God." Ranked variously with seraph, cherub, and regent of the sun. He is the angel of presence and presides over Tartarus (Hades) while being the archangel of salvation. Angel of those born under the earth sign: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. He is of the four winds, and his direction is North.

Urim: ("illumination") - The Bible meaning of the term is a "household idol" and it is almost always used in association with tummin (or thummim), meaning "perfection" and signifying oracles for ascertaining the will of God.

Uriron: an angel invoked as an amulet against sorcery and sudden death.

Urpaniel: an angel's name found inscribed on an oriental charm for warding off evil.

Urzla: in the cabala, an angel of the east summoned in conjuring rites; he is a "glorious and benevolent angel and is asked to share with the invocant the secret wisdom of the Creator."

Uthra: in Mandaean mythology, an angel or spirit of life, one of 10, that accompany the sun on its daily course.

Uwula: a ministering angel invoked at an eclipse of the sun or moon.

Uzza: the tutelary angel of the Egyptians.

Uzziel: ("strength of God") - one of the principal anels in rabbinic angelology; both of the order of cherubim and virtues. Also one of the 7 angels who stand before the throne of glory and among the 9 who set over the 4 winds. Uzziel is commanded by Gabriel to "coast the south wind with the strictest watch". He is one of the angels of mercy, under the ruler ship of Metatron.

Valiants: of the Heavens - also Warriors. A term for angels as in Isiah 33:7 and Psalms of Thanksgiving of the New Covenant. [Rf. Dupont-Sommer, The Dead Sea Scrolls.]

Valoel: "it is traditionally believed that this perfect being holds dominion over peace. We pray to Valoel to enfold us with his wings of serenity and to fill our hearts with tranquility and contentment."

Vaol: an angel who's name appears on the first pentacle of the moon.

Varcan: an angel with dominion over the sun. He is referred to as the king of the angels of the air.

Vassago: in the grimoires, a "good spirit" invoked to discover a woman's deepest secret. He is a Prince of the nether realms where he busies himself finding lost possessions and fortelling the future.

Vatale: a prince over all the angels and Caesars.

Vehiel: an angel whose name is inscribed on the first pentacle of the moon. Angel of Astral Projection.

Vehuel: an angel of the order of Principalities; also a zodiac angel and he is also one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae.

Vehuiah: in the cabala, one of the 8 seraphim, invoked to fulfill prayers. He governs the first rays of the sun.

Verchiel: It is said that he is the angel of July and the angel of Leo. He is also a prince of the Order of Virtues.

Vesta Latin: "guardian of the sacred fire".

Vohal: an angel of power invoked in conjuring rites.

Vohu Manah: (Vohu Mano, "good thought") - one of the 6 amesha spentas (archangels) in Zoroastrianism. Vohu Manah is the personification of good thought.

Voizia: the angel of the 12th hour of the day.

Vraniel: the angel of the 10th hour of the night.

Vretil: the angelic keeper of the treasury of Sacred Books. He is said to be "more wise than the other archangels". Vretil is frequently referred to, in Enoch II and Ezrra lore, as "the scribe of the knowledge of the Most High".

Wallim: an angel serving in the 1st Heaven.

Warriors: a term used for the celestial order of angels.

Watchers: a high order of angels called also the grigori.

Weatta: an angel of the Seal.

Wezynna: a ministering angel summoned in cabalistic rites.

Xexor: in occultism a benevolent spirit invoked in conjuring rites.

Xomoy: a benevolent spirit invoked in conjuring rites.

Xonor: a benevolent spirit invoked in conjuring rites.

Yaasriel: an angel in Jewish legend who is in charge of 70 "holy pencils"; with these pencils it is aid that he constantly engraves anew on shards the Ineffable Name.

Yabbashael: ("the mainland") - one of the seven angels with dominion over the earth.

Yahel: an angel whose name is inscribed on the 4th pentacle of the moon and is also listed as one of the 15 Throne angels in The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. "Yahel is known as the angel who opens locks, doors, and reveals secrets".

Yazatas: ("worshipful ones") - in Zoroastrianism, the Yazatas are celestial beings, genii of the elements, angels in Persian hierarchy.

Yefe(h)fiah: ("divine beauty") - the angelic prince of the Torah.

Yehemiel: an angel who wards off evil.

Yemaya: a guardian female spirit (angel) of ancient African beliefs. She presides over the moon, sea, childbirth, and the protector of the womb of creation.

Yeruel: an angel whose name can be found on charms worn by pregnant woman - it is believed that the charm (talisman) will aid them in having a safe and successful delivery.

Yura: called the "the great mystic Yura"; he is the spirit (angel) of light and rain.

Za'afiel: ("wrath of God") - a holy angel with dominion over storm-winds, i.e., hurricanes; an angel of destruction appointed by God to deal with the wicked on earth.

Zacharel: ("remembrance of God") - in geonic lore, one of the 7 archangels; also, prince of the order of dominations and ruler of the 2nd Heaven. He also "grants strength & physical powers".

Zachriel: an angel who rules over memory.

Zadkiel: ("righteousness of God") - (prayer) - he is known as the angel of benevolence, mercy, memory, and chief of the order of dominations (equated with hashmallim). "Zadkiel also kindles a desire for spiritual development in humankind. He guards the powers of invocation; the best known and most powerful form: prayer".

Zafrire: morning spirits (angels).

Zagzagel: ("wisdom") - is the angel of the burning bush who was a prominent part of the life of Moses. Zagzagel was one of the three angels (the other two being Michael and Gabriel) that accompanied the soul of Moses to heaven when the Holy One (Shekhina) descended from Heaven to take the soul and bury him. He is the chief guard of the fourth heaven and is also a teacher to the angels, speaking over seventy languages. He resides in the seven heaven, the home of God. His name means "Divine splendor", he is the prince of the Torah and of Wisdom. "Teaches us how to listen and see inwardly. Wisdom is the result of searching deep within for truth."

Zahariel: ("brightness") - a great angel invoked to resist the temptations of fiends (evil).

Zalbesael: ("heart of God") - an angel who has dominion over the rainy season.

Zazel a great angel invoked in Solomonic magic, particularly effective in love conjurations. He is the spirit of Saturn, with the cabalistic number 45. [Rf. Grimorium Verum; Barrett, The Magus II, 146.] Zazel figures, along with Asiel, in the talisman against sudden death, reproduced in Grillot, A Pictorial Anthology of Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy, p. 342.

Zechiel: an angel of "happiness, harmony, and joy".

Zehanpuryu'h: ("this one sets free") - a great angelic prince; advocate general of Heaven and dispenser of divine mercy.

Zephon: ("a looking out") guardian prince of Paradise; the 6th sefira; one of the cherubim.

Zerachiel: one of the 7 angels "who keep watch," as in Enoch I and Esdras IV. He is an angel of July, ruler of Leo in the zodiac, and presides over the sun.

Zeruch: ("arm of God") - angel of strength.

Zethar: is an "observer of immorality" as cited in Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews IV. He is also one of the angels of confusion.

Zidkiel: "Angel of the Terebinth tree".

Zikiel: in 3 Enoch, chief of comets and sparks (lightening). In medieval Hebrew texts, he is in control of meteors.

Zophiel: ("God's spy") - a prince of the order of Cherubim. Zophiel can be invoked as a contact with spirit guides.

Zotiel: ("little one of God") - in Enoch lore, a cherub sometimes identified as Johiel, guardian of Paradise.

Zuphlas: in ritual magic, a genius of forests; invoked to help with issues concerning trees.

Zuriel: ("my rock is God") - prince of the order of principalities, ruler of the sign of Libra (When equated with Uriel, he is the angel of September).

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