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Angels P - T

Pachriel: one of the 7 great angels appointed over the 7 Heavens, as cited in 3 Enoch, 17. Each of these great angels are "accompanied by 496,000 myriads of ministering angels."

Pagiel: an angel petitioned in ritual prayer for the fulfillment of the invocant's desires.

Pahaliah: he rules theology and morals and is one of the angels bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae.

Palatinates: a term for one of the 9 hierarchic orders; a variant for the order of powers, as given in a spell or conjuration in the The Greater Key of Solomon for conferring the gift of invisibility on the conjurer.

Pancia: a "most pure angel" invoked in ceremonial magic.

Paniel: angels name found engraved on a charm for warding off evil.

Parasim: (Parashim) - an order of angels or celestial horsemen [Cf. Pegasus] of the Song Uttering Choirs, under the leadership of Tagas or Radueriel. [Rf. 3 Enoch].

Patha: an angel invoked at the close of the Sabbath.

Peliel: chief order of the virtues and the preceptor angel of Jacob. He also alternates with Zekuniel as 2nd of the 10 holy sefiroth.

Penemuel: the angel who taught humans to write, and to use ink and paper.

Peniel: ("face of God") - in the writings of Moses Botarel, de Abano, Barrett, etc., Peniel is the angel Jehovah, the dark antagonist, the one who wrestled with Jacob [Rf. Gensis 32]. It should be noted that The Zohar identifies the antagonist as Sammael. In Gensis, Peniel is a place - the hallowed place where God revealed himself to Jacob face to face. He is a Friday angel and resides in the 3rd Heaven and a curer of stupidity.

Pesagniyah: a supervisory angel of the south in charge of the keys to ethereal places.

Petahyah: the chief in charge of the northerly region of Heaven, "appointed over that side to which prayers are offered for deliverance from enemies ascend".

Phaldor: an angel of oracles.

Phanuel: ("hope") - the archangel of penance and one of the 4 angels of the presence, the other 3, as usually given, being Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Pharmoros: the angel who taught men the usage of herbs, pharmacy, general medicines, and how to diagnose diseases.

Phoenixes: in Enoch lore, the Phoenixes and the Chalkydri are angels of a high order, classed with the seraphim and cherubim.

Phul: lord of the moon, ruler of the seven Olympian Provinces. As a Monday angel, Phul is to be invoked only on Monday. He is also called "lord of the powers of the moon and supreme lord of the waters."

Pillared Angel: the angel "clothed with a cloud" (Revelation 9). He has one foot on the sea, the other on land; with his right hand he supports Heaven, swearing "time shall be no more."

Poiel: an angel of the order of principalities, who rules over fortune and philosophy.

Potentates: an alternate term for the order of powers.

Pravuil: designated as the "scribe of the knowledge of the Most High" and as "keeper of the heavenly books and records."

Psychopompoi: soul-escorting angels who accompany souls after bodily death toward their heavenly abode.

Qadosch: an angel invoked in the conjuring of ink and colors.

Qaddis: ("holy ones") - one of 2 angels who, with the twin irin, constitute the judgment council of God.

Qafsiel: an angel with dominion over the moon, guardian of the 7th heavenly hall, and is invoked to drive away enemies.

Queen Of The Angels: in Catholicism, the Virgin Mary. In the Cabala, the Shekinah. In Gnosticism, the Pistis Sophia.

Quelamia: one of the 7 exalted throne angels residing in the 1st Heaven "which execute the commands of the potentates."

Raamiel: ("trembling before God") - an angel with dominion over thunder.

Ra'asiel: an angel invoked in ritual magic.

Rabia: one of the 10 uthri (angels) - uthri accompany the sun on it's daily course.

Rachel: ("a ewe") - one of the great angels of humor and self-confidence. In the cabala, the Shekinah when "re-organized" as the Celestial Bride on her way to reunification with God.

Rachmiel: known as one of the legions of compassion; in the rabbinic tradition, the angel of mercy (Cf. Gabriel).

Radueriel "Identified or equated with Dabriel, Vretil, Pravuil, etc., as the heavenly register and recording angel. Radueriel is included occasionally among the 8 great judgment princes of the throne whose rank is superior to the Metatron's. He is the angel of poetry, master of the muses. Of Radueriel it was said, "out of every word that goeth forth from his mouth a song-uttering angel is born." [Rf. Talmud Hagiga, 13a.] Note: Since God alone is credited with the creation of angels, this power and privilege to do likewise makes Radueriel unique among his fellow hierarchs-except for Pistis Sophia, who is clamed to be in 3 Enoch, the "procreator of the superior angels." Another exception is Dynamis (q.v.)."

In other writings his name is known as "Radweri'el YHWH: A recording angel. He is the heavenly archivist, the angel of the registry and keeper of the Book of Records. He is also angel of poetry, and the angel of muses. From every utterance of this mouth an angel is formed. These angels join the ministering angels in singing praises to God. Another name for Radweri'el YHWH is Vrevoil. Variations of the name Radweri'el YHWH are Radweriel and Radueriel."

Raguil: an angel who watches over the beahvior of the angels and is a guardian of the 2nd Heaven.

Rahab: is known as the "Prince of the primordial Sea" and the "Angel of Insolence and Pride." The first time God destroyed him was because he refused to receive the waters which had covered the earth. The second time, was because he was trying to hinder the Hebrews from escaping the pursuing hosts of Pharaoh at the time of the crossing of the Red (Reed) Sea. It is said that the smell of Rahab's dead body would kill everyone if it were not covered by water. The Babylonian Talmud, regards Rahab, Leviathon, Behemoth, and the Angel of Death as identical and interchangeable. (Behemoth: is the name for a very large animal, like the hippopotamus or crocodile. They both play a part in the Apocalyptic as monsters that must be killed. In later Christian Religion, the Behemoth is identified with Satan.).

Rahdar: with the aid of his genius brother Phakiel, Rahdar governs the zodiac sign Cancer.

Rahtiel: one of the angels of the constellations.

Rain: angels who hold dominion over moisture and rain can be appealed to by repeating their names over and over in a chant: "Mathariel, Ridia, Matriel." These angels are especially protective of people who conserve water and can inspire humans to do so.

Rakhaniel: an angel whose name appears on the 5th pentacle of the planet Saturn. Known to give willpower and great wisdom.

Ramaela: Is the "Angel of Joy." Used in ancient times as one of the seventy amulet angels of childbirth. This angel epitomizes all that joy and love can bring through the unconditional love of a child.

Rampel: angel of inner strength and stability; this angel holds dominion over mountain ranges and deep waters.

Raphael: is the archangel of healing, physical body, and world healing. His name means "God has healed." He is one of the seven angels that attend the throne of God. He belongs to at least four of the celestial orders: seraphim, cherubim, dominions, and powers. Also known to be the angel of science and knowledge. Angel of those born under the air sign: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. He is of the four winds, and his direction is South.

Rash: an angel minister of justice.

Raziel: is often referred to as "the secret of God" and the "angel of mysteries." The Cabala reports Raziel as the personification of Cochma (Divine wisdom), second of the ten holy sefiroth. It is said in some writings that he is the author of The Book of the Angel Raziel "where in all celestial and earthly knowledge is set forth", though the true author is still unknown. As legend has it, Raziel gave his book to Adam, and that the other Angels, out of envy, purloined the precious grimoire and cast it into the sea, whereat God ordered Rahab, primordial angel/demon of the deep, to fish it out and restore it to Adam--which Rahab obediently did, although it should be pointed out that before this, Rahab had been destroyed.

This book finally came into the possession of the first Enoch and then to Noah. Noah derived his information on how to build the ark from this book. At last it came to be in the hands of King Solomon. According to some this book is where King Solomon received his great knowledge and power in magic. In the Jewish philosopher Maimonides' Mishna Thora (1168), Raziel is pictured as the chief of the order of erelim, as well as the herald of the Deity and the preceptor angel of Adam.

Rehael: Is of the Order of Powers. Rehael's abilities help him to assist over the areas of generalized good health. It is also documented that he helps to rule over the realm of longevity as well.

Remiel: chief of thunder, is one of the seven archangels who attend the throne of God, as stated in Enoch I, 20. Although in Enoch's writings he is reported as both a holy angel and a fallen one. He has been described as "one of the holy angels whom God has set over those who rise" (from the dead). Ramiel is in charge of those souls that come up for judgment on the last day. In The Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch it is stated, that Ramiel is regarded as the presider of true visions and is the angel who interprets Baruch's vision, in which Baruch appears as the angel who destroys Sennacherib's hosts.

Rempha: in Egyptiam theogony, chief of the order of thrones and genius of time.

Rhamiel: the angelic name of St. Francis of Assisi.

Ribbotaim: angels used as chariots by God. These would be the cherubim.

Ridwan: in Isalmic tradition, an angel placed at the entrance to the earthly paradise.

Ruhiel: the angel governing the wind who is mentioned as one of the great luminaries in Heaven who, when they see Metatron tremble and bow before him.

Sabaoth: one of the seven angels of the presence; one of the divine names in gnostic and cabalistic lore.

Sabbath: an angel who sits on the throne of glory in heaven, the chiefs of orders of angels do him honor. He is the lord of the Sabbath.

Sabriel: (or Sabrael) - "one of the 7 archangels, as noted in Conybeare, The Testament of Solomon, and in III Enoch. Sabriel is chief of the order of tarshishim ["the brilliant ones," equated with the order of virtues], sharing post with Tarshiel - according to Maseket Azilut. Sabrael is also guard of the 1st Heaven. In occultism, Sabrael, is the only angel who can overcome the demon of disease, Sphendonael."

Sachiel: ("covering of God") - an angel of the order of hashmallim (cherubim). Sachiel is resident of the 1st Heaven (some sources, the 6th Heaven), a Monday (or Thursday or Friday) angel, invoked from the south ( and also the west), the presiding spirit of the planet Jupiter.

Salem: the guardian angel of St. John; probably Melchizedec, who was the legendary king of Salem [i.e. Jerusalem].

Salemia: in "Esdras II", one of the five "men" [angels] who transcribed the 204 books dictated by Ezra."

Samandiriel: an angel that holds dominion over imagination.

Sarga: one of the five heavenly scribes appointed by God to transcribe the 204 books dictated by Ezra. The other four scribes are Dabria, Seleucia, Ethan (or Ecus) and Asiel.

Sariel: "is one of the original seven archangels that is listed in The Book of Enoch. He is responsible for the lot of the angels that violate God's sacred ordinances (reprimanding angels who transgress God's laws). Although Sariel usually appears as a holy angel, he is sometimes mentioned as one who has fallen (archangel) from the grace of the Lord (In one legend it is said that he was "cast out of Heaven for revealing the secrets of the moon"). According to Malcolm Godwin [Angels: An Endangered Species], he has even been known as the angel of death, especially given his role as the angel sent to fetch the soul of Moses on Mount Sinai."

Sasgabiel: an angel invoked in the rites of exorcism.

Schrewneil: an angel to be invoked for obtaining a good memory and an open heart.

Sebhael: a spirit who is in charge of the books wherein are recorded the good and evil actions of man.

Seket: a female angel who is the angel of part of an hour and will appear when properly invoked. She dwells in Egypt.

Selith: one of the two guardian angels over the Virgin Mary and St. John the Divine.

Seraphim: "They are the highest order of the hierarchy of choirs and serve God as caretakers of his throne."

Seraph: literal meaning "firery serpent" - "is an angel by that name of the order of Seraphim. In Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews IV, pg 263, it is Seraph who touches Isiah's lips with live coal, an incident related in Isaiah 6:6. Seraph is also named as one of the angels with dominion over the element of fire, of which there are quite a number."

Seraphiel: [Variation of the name is Serapiel] Is the beloved and honoured Chief of the Order of Seraphim. "The crown on his head is the height of a journey of 502 years. The crown is called the Prince of Peace." Thus bestowing on him the title of "Patron Angel of Peace."

Seraquiel: a "strong and powerful angel" who is invoked on Saturday.

Sereda (Fictional): - in Cabell's Jurgen, Mother Sereda has dominion over Wednesday and is known to "was away all the colors in the world."

Seref: an angel who transported to Heaven the dead bodies of deceased Egyptia kings.

Serpanim: ("prince of the face") - an angelic power in the world of Briah (one of the 4 worlds of Creation).

Seruf: (or Seruph) - an angel prince set over the element of fire. He is a seraph, as his name denotes, and is another name for Nathaniel.

Shahakiel: (Shachaqiel) - an angelic prince resident in the 4th Heaven who according to 3 Enoch, is one of the seven archangels as well as eponymous head of the order of Shahakim.

Shahrivar(i): in ancient Persian lore, the angel of August and governer of the 4th day of the month.

Shams(h)iel: ("light of day" and "mighty sun of God") - a ruler of the 4th Heaven, prince of Paradise, and guardian angel of Eden. Known as of the two chief aides to Uriel (the other aide being Hasdiel) when Uriel bore his standard in battle.

Shateiel: angel of silence, to be compared with DUma. Shateiel probably inspired the creation of the Greek God Sigalion.

Shekinah: "Shekhina (Shekina, Shechina, Shakti, Sh'kina, and Shekinah) though known by many names, is referred to as the Goddess of the Angels. She is the liberating Angel, manifesting her male aspect as that of Metatron. Representing compassion in its purest form, despite being, officially the female side of God. Shekhina is visible and audible as a feminine entity in her own right. Described as a beautiful being of light whose most important function is to intercede with God on behalf of her children."

Shem: ("name") - in Manichaean lore, "one of the great envoys of Heaven to whom the angels revealed the divine wisdom."

Shemael: ("name of God") - "the mighty angel who stands at the windows of Heaven listening for the songs of praise ascending from synagogues and houses of stydy of the Jews."

Shemeshiel: this "angel helps stop alcohol abuse."

Shermuil: "the great archon, mediator between the prayers of Israel and the princes of the 7th heaven."

Shetel: One of three ministering angels whom God appointed to serve Adam (the other two being Aebel and Anush). The three angels not only "roasted meat" for Adam, but also "cooled his wine."

Shinanin: a high class of angels, "the shinanin of the fire," adduced from Psalms 68:18 and referred to in 3 Enoch. Myriads of these shinanin descended from Heaven to be present at the revelation on Sinai. According to The Zohar (1:18b) "myriads of thousands of shin'an are on the chariot of God." The ruling angels of the Shinanin are Sidquiel and Zadkiel.

Sijil: angels are in charge of the scrolls until doomsday.

Simiel: (Chamuel, Semibel) - "one of the 7 archangels. However, at a Church Council in Rome 745 C.E., Simiel was reprobated (along with Uriel, Raquel, and other high-ranking angels) as a false or evil spirit and not to be venerated. At the Council of Laodicia (343-381? C.E.), to name angels was expressly forbidden (canon 35). Josephus mentions, as among the religious rites of the Essenes, the taking of oaths not to revel the names of angels."

Sith: angel of an hour (6 to 7 o'clock); a regeent ruling a planet. Sith's corresponding angel is Nelchael.

Sithriel: a name by which Metatrin is called "when he hides the children of the world under his wings to preserve them from the angels of destruction."

Sofriel: an angelic bookkeeper appointed over the records of the living and the dead.

Song-Uttering Choirs: a class of singing angels under the direction of Tagas.

Sorush: to the ancient Persians, Gabriel, "giver of souls."

Sraosha: a Persian angel who, it is claimed, set the world in motion.

Suriel: Though this variation of the name has been linked to the name Sariel [a fallen angel], the true documentation does cite him in comparison as in like with Raphael as an "Angel of Healing." His "strength" has been compared to that of the great angel Metatron.

Suroth: in Paracelsus' doctrine of Talismans, Suroth is a planetary genius of Egypt, replaced by Anael.

Takifiel: an angel invoked in Syrian magical rites; grouped with Michael, Gabriel, Sahariel, and other "spellbinding angels" in The Book of Protection.

The Tall Angel: in the 3rd Heaven, Moses, with Metatron acting as his guide, encounters a "tall angel" with 70,000 heads, assumed to be Sandalphon (although Sandolphon is said to reside in the 6th or 7th Heaven).

Tara: a great celestial spirit. She is considered in many cultures to be the Earth Mother. In Hebrew she is called Terah, in Ireland she is Tara, in Latin she is Terra Mater. In Buddhism, she is the mother of all celestial spirits and is called upon to relieve pain and heartache. She is said t manifest as a little girl.

Tarfiel: ("God nourishes") - in the cabala, an angel invoked to cure stupidity.

Tarshishim: ("brilliant ones") - an angelic order in Jewish lore, the term said to derive from Daniel 16:6 and, in the cabala, answering to the 7th sefira (firmness).

Teiaiel: in the cabala, an angel that can foretell the future. He is a throne angel and controls maritime expeditions and commercial ventures.

Teleleyakos: (Temeluchus) - a guardian angel of babies and children.

Thagrinus: one of the genii of confusion.

Thelesis: ("free will") - in gnostic lore, one of the 4 great illuminaries or aeons emanated from the Divine Will.

Tir: the angel of June in ancient Persian lore; also the angel governing the 13th day of the month. Tir was regent of the planet Mercury and has been represented as having the body of a fish with a boar's face.

Tiriel: an archangel, the intelligence of the planet Mercury, with the cabalistic number 260. Tiriel's name (joined with those of Raphael and Sadayel) was discovered on a ring amulet.

Tutresiel: ("piercing God") - "a great angel prince in 3 Enoch. Here it is related of the angel Hamon that when he sees Tutresiel, he removes the crown of glory from his head and falls on his face-in obeisance."

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