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Angels K - O

Kabchiel: an angel in Mandaean religious lore.

Kabiri: there are 7 kabiri. In Phoenician mythology, they are the creators of the world.

Kabniel: an angel invoked to cure stupidity.

Kabshiel: an angel who, when conjured up and agreeable with the invocant, confers grace and power.

Kadashiel: one of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Kadishim: angels of a rank higher than the Merkabah angels. They praise God in unceasing hymns of adorations.

Kakabel: a great angelic prince over the stars and constellations.

Kalkydra: a high order of angels ranked along with the Seraphim and Cherubim.

Karoz: "reporter angels".

Kasbeel: before he "fell", whose original name was Biqa ["good person"]. He is also referred to as the "angel of the oath." When Kasbeel fell he was renamed Kazbiel meaning "he who lies to God." He once asked Archangel Michael for the hidden name of the Lord, which Michael of course refused to divulge. [Enoch I, 69:13].

It is also well documented in Enoch I the "tale" of the two Angels [good and evil] that battle against each other. Kazbiel [Kasbeel] and Archangel Michael. This is the reason why Kasbeel became a fallen angel was because he tried to coerce the secret and sacred name of "God" from Michael. Upon his fall he was "ripped" of his holy name Kasbeel and was given the name Kazbiel ["he who lies to God"].

Keel: ("like God") - angel of a season; one of the "leaders of heads of thousands."

Kelkhea and Kelkheak: are two mysterious entities (angels) to whom the secrets of Creation were revealed.

Kemuel: [Shemuel, Camael, Seraphiel - "helper" or "assembly of God"] - the great archon who stands at the window of Heaven as mediator between the prayers of Israel and the princes of the 7th Heaven. Kemuel is chief seraphim and one of the 10 holy sefiroth. Legend tells of Moses destroying Kemuel [Camael] when this great hierarch tried to prevent the Lawgiver from receiving the Torah at the hand of God. [Rf. Ginzberg, The Legend of the Jews.] Kemuel, according to the Revelation of Moses, is [or was] leader of the 12,000 angels of destruction."

Kerub: a Hebrew variation of the word Cherub. It means "one who intercedes."

Kerubiel: eponymous head of the order of cherubim.

Kimos: (Kemos) - a secret name for Michael or Metatron.

Kingpuru'sh: winged spirits in Hinduism who dwell near the gods.

Ksiel: an angel of God who smote the sinful nations with a long, fiery whip.

Kuriotetes: another name for the order of Dominations.

Labbiel: original name of Raphael. The name was changed when, according to Jewish legend, Labbiel complied with God's command concerning the creation of man.

Labezerin: the genius (spirit) of success.

Lamas: one of the four princicpal classes of protecting genii in Chaldean lore, usually represented with the body of a lion and the head of a man.

Lare(s): Guardian spirits of ancestors who watch over homes and cities.

Larzod: one of the "glorious and benovolent angels" invoked in Solomonic conjuring rites for imparting to the invocant some of the wisdon of the Creator.

Lebes: one of the chief angels in the first altitude, who appears carrying a banner with a red cross on it.

Lecabel: an angel in control of vegetation and agriculture, and one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae.

Lemanael: in the Cabala, the spirit of the moon.

Librabis: genius of hidden gold and one of the genii of the 7th hour.

Lipika: a high order of angels. The Lipika record world history and the individual experiences of the people of earth. These records then become a part of the Akashic Records (the heavenly library).

Liwet: in Mandaean lore, the angel of love and invention; also one of the 7 planetary spirits.

Luel: an angel invoked in connection with the use of diving rods.

Maadim: one of 2 big starts (i.e., angels) that Metatron pointed out to Moses in the 4th Heaven.

Mach: an angel called up in Solomonic conjuring rites to render the invocant invisible.

Machidiel: he "rises and rules in the beginning of the year" and exercises dominion "for 91 days, from spring to summer".

Madiel (Also Mael): in occult lore, a governing archangel of the watery triplicity.

Malachi [Malachy]: whose name means "Angel of God" - the angel of Jehovah. In Edras 4: "Malachy which is also an angel of the Lord." [Rf. Talmund Hagiga.] The final book on the Old Testament is called Malachi.

Malach ha-Mavet: in rabbinic literature as in Koranic lore, the angel of death, usually identified as Sammael or Azrael.

Malach ha-Sopher: an aide to Duma, angel of the silence of death. With Malach Memune, ha-Sopher computed the span of a man's life.

Malach Memune: Whose name means "The Appointed One" - an aide to Duma. With Malach ha-Sopher he computed the span of a man's life.

Malach Ra: an angel of evil [in the causative sense], not necessarily himself evil. [Good angels, under orders from God, often perform missions or acts commonly regarded as unjust, wicked, etc.] Cross Referenced: Angels of Destruction or Angels of Punishment.

Mala'ika: is the Islamic term for Angel. Like the Greek term angelos, mala'ika means "messenger," referring to one of the chief functions of angels - carrying messages between humans and God.

Malakbel: Vegetation god. Pre-Islamic northern Arabian. Mentioned as the brother of Aglibol on an inscription at Palmyra dated to 132 AD.

Mammon: Arch-Demon and Prince of Tempters. He is a fallen angel, although it is not known from which order he came from. He has been equated with Satan, Lucifer, and Beelzebub. He is also the demon of avarice.

Mebahiah: in the cabala, an angel who exercises dominion over korals and religion.

Melchisedec: king of righteousness whom pseudo-Dionysius called "the hierarch most beloved of God."

Melki: in Mandaean religion, the melki or malki are semidivinities (like the uthri) who carry out the Will of the Great Life.

Membra: the "Word of God"; an hypostasis of God; an intermediary [i.e. angel] of God. In Jewish cabala, Memra denotes the divine name.

Memeon: an angel invoked in the benediction of the Salt.

Memuneh: ["appointed one"] a deputy angel, a dispenser of dreams. Through Memuneh, it is said, the universe operates. The plural form is memunim. These memunim are the defenders in Heaven of their earthly charges [Guardian Angels]. In Jewish ceremonial magic, the memunim were regarded as demons, although Eleazor of Worms insisted they were angels. III Enoch speaks of the memunim as belonging to the class of angels of the Song-Uttering Choirs.

Mercury: "(Greek, Hermes) - in the cabala, the angel of progress, also a designation for Raphael. [Rf. Acts 14:11-12]" "A messenger to the gods in Roman mythology. He wore a winged hat and delivered messages to humans from Jupiter (God). He also gave aid to humans on Jupiter's behalf. He was the equivalent of the Greek god Hermes and Egyptian god Thoth. He was later identified with the archangel Michael."

Meririm: Prince of the Spirits of Pestilence. A boiling Spirit, who is pestilent (poisonous).

Mesarepim [Mesharethim]: An order of Angels of the Song-Uttering Choirs, serving under the leadership of the Angel Tagas [A great angelic prince, conductor of the song uttering choirs].

Meshabber: an angel in charge over the death of animals.

Mesharim: the name of Joseph Caro's Angel, through whom Caro received visions and after whom he titled his "Maggid Mesharim," a book which contains a description of these visions. The Angel served as a personified Mishnah. Caro [1488-1575] was doyen of the 15th -century cabalistic Safed community in Upper Galilee [Palestine].

Messiach: an angel invoked in magical operations; in connection with the invocation of water and hyssop - the invocant is advised to recite, at the time of the operations, the versicles of the Psalms 6, 67, 64 and 102.

Metatron: is the overseer or "foreman" of all the other Angels and their Triads/Dimensions. He has also been known to appear as and with other Angels in the old scripts. He is most presented in the Talmud [ancient Jewish scripts] and he is also identified with Enoch.

Michael: is known as the archangel of peace, harmony, and balance. His name means "Who is as God" He is of action and strength. Michael is called the "Prince of Light." He leads the angels of light in battle against the legions of angels of darkness. He is also known for kneeling to Mary and telling her of her approaching death (Gabriel being the Archangel who announced the birth of the Virgin's God-child). Angel of those born under the fire sign: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. He is of the four winds, his direction East.

Milkiel: "in The Zohar an angel who rules over the spring. The name Milkiel according to Charles, The Book of Enoch, is an "inversion" of Helenmelek [q.v]. According to Barton, Origin of the Names of Angels, Milkiel rules of the summer months and goes also under the names of Tamaani and Sun."

Mikael: an angel who influences the decisions of monarchs, nobles and governors; also useful in uncovering conspiracies against states.

Mikail: (Michael)--in Arabic lore, Mika'il is a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism.

Mikhail (Mika'il): According to tradition, Mikhail lives in the seventh heaven, has wings of emerald color, and has hairs of saffron. Each hair has a million faces with mouths that speak in a million dialects, all imploring the pardon of God. A steadfast friend of humankind, Mikhail has not laughed once since hell was created.

Mikhail and Djibril were said to be the first angels to obey God's order to worship Adam, a command to which Iblis, the Muslim Satan, objected. As a warrior angel, Mikhail came to the aid of the faithful at the Battle of Badr. He is also mentioned as one of the angels who opened up Mohammad's chest prior to "The Night Journey," the famous vision in which the prophet journeys into the heavens.

Mikhar: one of the celestial powers with dominion over the springs of the waters of life (heavenly baptism).

Moloc[h]: a fallen angel in Paradise Lost II, pg. 4, where he is described as "the fiercest Spirit/That fought in Heav'n; now fiercer by despair." In Hebrew lore, he is a Canaanitish god of fire to whom children were sacrificed. Solomon built a temple to him [Rf. I Kings II, 7]

Moloch or Molek: God. Western Semitic [Ammonite]. Synonymous with the god Moloch [Hebrew] of the Vetus Testamentum to whom Israelite children were sacrificed by burning [1 Kings 11:7 and 2 Kings 23:10].

Mumiah in the cabala, an angel who controls the science of physics and medicine and is in charge of health and longevity. His corresponding angel is Atembui. For Mumiah's sigil, see Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique, p. 204.

Muriel: "[Murriel, from the Greek "myrrh"] - angel of the month of June and ruler of the sign of Cancer [crab], as cited in Camfield, A Theological Discourse of Angels, p. 67. Muriel is also one of the rulers of the order of dominations. He is invoked from the south and is able to procure for the invocant a magic carpet. In addition, he serves under Veguaniel as one of the chief angelic officers of the 3rd hour of the day."

Myrrha: "Fertility goddess. Western Semitic [Phoencian]. Known from inscriptions as the mother of the god Kinnur. [Kinnar/Kinnur: Musician god. Western Semitic. Mentioned in Ugaritic texts and known from Phoenicia. Probably equating with the Syrian Adonis.]"

Nabu: ("the announcer") - a recording angel in Heaven. He records the deeds and the history of mankind.

Narudi: a akkadian spirit, "lord of the great gods," whose image was placed in houses to ward of the wicked people.

Nathanel translates to "Gift of God." "(Other names with this translation are Xathaniel, Zathael, etc.)-in Jewish legendary lore, Nathanel is the 6th created angel and one of the 12 angels of vengeance. He is lord over the element of fire. He is the angel (The Biblical Antiquities of Philo) who "burned the servants of Jair" in the contest between God and Baal, saving from fire the 7 men who would not sacrifice to the pagan deity. In Waite, The Lemegeton, Nathanel is an angel of the 6th hour, serving under Samil. He is also on of 3 angels (with Ingethal and Zeruch) seer over hidden things, Ferrar, The Uncanonical Jewish Books, mentions the legend of Nathanel being sent down from Heaven by God. to help the warrior Cerez defeat the Amorites." A ruling prince of the Seraphim.

Nathaniel "Nathanel, Xathanael, and Zathael, and angel whose name means "gift of God" and who has a rather varied portfolio. He is best known as an angel of fire. In this capacity he saved seven Israelites from the flames when they were sentenced to death by the Israeli king Jair, who was a follower of the pagan deity Baal. Nathaniel appeared, quenched the fire, and then burned the servants of Jair; he later gave the same conflagration end to the king. (For other details see under Fire, Angel of, for the account recorded in the work of Pseudo-Philo.) In other legends Nathaniel is honored as the sixth angel to be created by God and as the guardian or patron angel of the sixth hour. Still other tales name him as one of the three angels who have a special patronage over all things hidden, mysterious, or arcane."

Nature Angels "They work with the four elements, which are earth, water, fire, and air. According to legend, they dwell in caves, underwater, near lakes, and in or around bushes and trees."

Nature Spirits "In mythologies around the world, a type of being who dwells in the nature kingdom. In the Western tradition, nature spirits are under the dominion of the angel kingdom. Nature spirits are to earth what angels are to heaven and humans. They possess supernatural powers and watch over the well-being of all things in nature, animal, plant and mineral. Nature spirits come in countless types, shapes, sizes and dispositions. Some are regarded as being benevolent toward humans, while others are mischievous or malevolent. Some are human-like in appearance, while others assume the shapes of animals, half-human half-animals, or fabulous-looking beings."

Nbat: a Mandaean "light-being" (angel).

Nemamiah: a guardian angel of admirals, generals, and all who engage in just causes.

Netzach: ("victory" "firmness") - the 7th of the 10 holy sefiroth (emanations of God). The personalized angel of Netzach is Haniel of the order of elohim.

Nirgal: one of the 4 principal classes of the protecting genii (i.e., guardian angels) in Chaldean lore.

Och is an angel best known in occult lore. He holds the title of the angel ("prince") of alchemy as well as a mineralogist and is said to have 35,536 angels that accompany him. He is also known in occultism as the angel who "governs the sun." Och gives 600 years of perfect health. Och is the ruler of 28 of the 196 Olympian provinces in which Heaven is divided. "For additional mention of Och, see the works of Cornelius Agrippa."

Ofaniel: exercises dominion over the moon and is sometimes referred to as "the angel of the wheel of the moon." He has 16 faces, 100 pairs of wings, and 8,466 eyes. He is "one of the exalted throne angels who carry out the commands of the powers."

Ofanim: (Ophanim) - they inspire humans to have confidence in God's love and also his great power.

Ogdoas: in gnoticism, the ogdoas constitute a group of the highest heavenly powers.

Omniel: 1 of 12 archangels listed by New Age angelologists.

Omophorus: a "world supporting" angel, much like another Atlas.

Onayepheton: the name of a spirit by which God will summon the dead and raise them to life again.

Opiel: an angel who aids individuals in obtaining the love of a desired one - can be found written on Aramaic love charms.

Orifiel: (Oriphiel) - a prince of the order of thrones and an angel with dominion over Saturn. He is listed as an angel of Saturday.

Orphaniel: in occult lore, "a great, precious and honorable angel, ruler of the 1st legion."

Oseny: an angel of the order of Cherubim, summoned in ceremonial magic(k).

Ouestucati: a female angel who brings the sea wind.

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