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Angels F - J

Fabriel: an angel serving in the 4th Heaven.

Face, Angels of: The equivalent of the Angels of the Presence.

Fairies: Small, beautiful, angelic beings with wings who have supernatural powers. They belong to the family of Nature Spirits.

Faith: one of the 3 theological virtues depicted as angels by 15th century Florentine masters.

Faithful Servant: in Islam the archangel Jibril is referred to as the faithful spirit for his dictating of the Koran to Muhammad.

Fakr-Ed-Din: an angel of the Yezidics.

Famiel: a Friday angel of the air.

Fanuel: one of the 4 angels of the presence.

Farlas: the angel who presides over winter.

Faunus: a guardian spirit in Roman mythology. He protected the herds and crops.

Favashi: (Fravashi) - in Zoroastrianism, the celestial prototype of all created beings, the guardian angels of believers.

Fereshteh: the Persian word for angel.

Fioretti: a term referring to situations where angels intercede in the lives of mankind.

Fraciel: a Tuesday angel of the 5th Heaven, invoked from the north.

Friagne: a Tuesday angel serving in the 5th Heaven and invoked from the east.

Furlac: in occult science, an angel of the earth.

Fylgja: a type of angel in German mythology. A Fylgja is a cross between a guardian angel and one's immortal higher self.

Gabriel: is known as the Archangel of revelation, creativity, and faith. His name means "God is my strength" He presides over Paradise, and although he is the ruling prince of the 1st heaven, he is said to sit on the left-hand side of God. Angel of those born under the water sign: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. He is of the four winds, his direction West. Apart from Archangel Michael, he is the only Angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament. Gabriel is described has having 140 pairs of wings.

Gabuthelon: an angel whose name was revealed to Esdras as among the 9 who will govern "at the end of the world."

Gadiel: a "most holy angel" that is one of the numerous angelic guards of the gates of the South Wind that is also found inscribed on an oriental charm kamea suggesting that he must have been regarded as a power to protect the wearer against evil.

Gadirel: chief ruling angel of the 5th Heaven in charge of wars among nations.

Galearii: ("army servants") - according to the Jewish Encyclopedia "Angelology," the galearii are the lowest ranking angels of the lowest rank.

Galgaliel: is credited with being the angel governing the wheel of the sun and is the eponymous head of the order of galgallim.

Galgal(l)im: (Variation of the name Galgallin) - a superior order of angels of a rank equal to the seraphim (in one source) and thrones (in another source). Their role is to inspire confidence in the power of God.

Gallisur YHWH: a great angelic prince in Heaven. He is said to have revealed all of the secrets of the Torah to mankind.

Gallizur: another name for Raziel.

Gamiel: supreme ruling angel of the 1st hour of the night.

Gamrial: one of the 64 angel wardens of the 7 celestial halls.

Gandharvas: The Gandharvas were heavenly musicians in classical Hinduism.

Garshanel: an angel who wards off evil spirits.

Gaspard: a spirit invoked in Solomonic magical rites to procure to the the invocant a lady's garter.

Gazardiel: an angel charged with the rising and setting of the sun.

Geburah: ("divine power or strength") - an angel who is the upholder of the left hand of God.

Gedariah: a supervising chief angel of the 3rd heaven.

Gedulael: one of the sefiroth (divine emanations) invoked in cabalistic rites.

Genius: guardian spirits of people, nations, and cities.

Geno: an angel of the order of powers.

Germael: ("majesty of God") - an angel sent by God to create Adam from dust-a mission also ascribed to Gabriel.

Gethel: (Ingethel) - an angel set over hidden things.

Giel: an angel with dominion over the zodiacal sign of Gemini (the Twins).

Glauron: a beneficial spirit of the air, invoked from the north.

Gmial: one of the 64 wardens of the 7 celestial halls.

Gonael: one of the numerous guards of the gates of the North Wind.

Grace: the name of one of the ten Holy Sefiroth (angels) listed in the Cabala.

Graphiel: a spirit in cabalistic enumerations answering to Gabriel.

Guael: an angel of the 5th Heaven ruling on Tuesday.

Haael: one of the 72 angels of the zodiac.

Haaiah: an angel of the order of dominations.

Haamiah: an angel of the order of powers.

Haamiah: an angel of the Seal.

Haatan: a genius who conceals treasures.

Habbiel: a Monday angel of the 1st heaven; who is invoked in love charms.

Habriel: an angel of the order of powers, summoned in conjuring rites.

Habudiel: an angel of the Lord's Day (Sunday), resident of the 4th Heaven.

Hachashel: one of the 72 angels of the zodiac.

Hadakiel: he governs the sign of Libra (the Balance) in the zodiac.

Hadar: "the superior Benignity" cinceived of by cabalists as a sefira.

Hadiririon: "the beloved angel of "God" - who may be invoked in ritual magic rites.

Hafaza: in Muslim lore, a term denoting angels. There are 4 in number, and "protect man from jinn, men, and Satans." One these 4 angels befalls the duty of writing down the actions of mortals.

Hahahel: angel of the order of virtues. He protects missionaries and disciples.

Hahaiah: an angel of the order of cherubim. He influences thoughts and reveals hidden mysteries to mortals.

Hahayel: is prince of ministering angels when these angels sit in at the divine judgment councils.

Hahiniah: one of the trone angels.

Hahowel: a ministering angel.

Hakamiah: one of the cherubim, who is invoked against traitors, and guardian angel of France.

Halacho: a genius of sympathies; also one of the genii of the 11th hour.

Halliza: the name of the angel appearing on the external circle of the pentagram of Solomon.

Hamal: an angel with dominion over water.

Hamaliel: angel of the month of August, one of the rulers of the order of virtues, and governor of the zodiacal sign of Virgo.

Hamatiel: a zodiacal angel governing the sign of Virgo.

Ham Meyuchad: an angel of the order of cherubim.

Haniel: is the Archangel that rules over the month of December, the dawn and eve of Friday, and also governs over the sign of Capricorn. His name meaning "glory or grace of God" or "he who sees God". Other versions of his name are: Hamiel, Samiel, Onoel, or Anael. In some occult writings Haniel has been credited with the feat of transporting Enoch to Heaven and also is referred to as the ruler of the planet Mars. Under the name Aniel, he is also known to be one of the gate guards of the West

Hannuel: an angel who has dominion over the zodiacal sign of Capricorn.

Hanoziz: an angel of the 8th hour of the night.

Ha-Qadosch: a name for the "Holy and Blessed One" called on in Solomonic conjurations.

Harabael: an angel with dominion over the earth.

Harahel: an angel in charge of archives, libraries, and rare cabinets; also one of the 72 angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae.

Harbonah: one of the 7 angels of confusion.

Harmozey: in gnostic lore, one of the 4 great luminaries that "surround the self-begotten, the savior, or God."

Harshiel: an angel invoked in Syriac conjuring ceremonies. Harshiel, as a spellbidning power, is cited (especially for the binding of sorcerers) along with Michael, Gabriel, Sarphiel, Azrael, and others.

Harudha: a female angel who rules the element of water.

Hasdiel: an angel of the planet Venus; also one of the angels of benevolence.

Hashmallim: a high order of angels, equated with the dominations.

Hasmed: angel of annihilation, and one of the five angels of punishment that Moses encountered in Heaven.

Hasmodai: a spirit of the moon, invoked in talismanic magic.

Hatiphas: a genius of finery.

Haurvatat: ("wholeness") - one of the 6 amesha spentas (archangels).

Haven: one of the 12 genii who preside over the 12 hours of the day. Haven is the genius of dignity.

Hayyel: chief angel of the hayyoth.

Hayyoth: a class of Merkabah angels equated or ranked with the cherubim, residing in the 7th Heaven.

Haziel: ("vision of God") - a cherub invoked to obtain the pity of God.

Hechaloth: the hechaloth are the 7 female emanations of God, the counterpart of the 10 male sefiroth.

He'el: ("life of God") - an angel leader of the "heads of thousands."

Heiglot: a genius or angel of snowstorms. Ruler of the 1st hour.

Heleleth: in gnostic lore, a great luminary, described as descending "from before the holy spirit; his aspect is like gold, his vesture like snow."

Hel(l)ison: one of the 5 angels of the 1st altitude, the other 4 being Alimiel, Gabriel, Barachiel and Lebes. When invoked, Helison appears carrying a banner adorned with a crimson cross, crowned with roses.

Hermesiel: a leader of the heavenly choir.

Hismael: the spirit of the planet Jupiter.

Hizarbin: a genius of the sea and one of the genii of the 2nd hour.

Hizkiel: serves as chief aide to Gabriel when he bears his standard in battle. One of the numerous guards at the gate of the North Wind.

Hngel: angel of the summer equinox, effective as an amulet against the evil eye.

Hodiel" ("victory of God") - an angel of the Briatic world (the world of Creation), according to cabalists.

Hodniel: an angel reputed to have the power of curing stupidity in man.

Homadiel: identified as the "Angel of the Lord."

Hosts: a term for angels; also a designation for one of the 10 angelic orders (before Dionysius fixed the orders at 9 and omitted hosts).

Humastrav: a Monday angel invoked from the north. Humastrav is said to reside in the 1st Heaven.

Humiel: a zodiacal angel governing Capricorn.

Hurmin: another name for Satan.

Hyperachii: in Chaldean theogony, a group of archangels that guide the universe.

Hypezokos: ("flower of fire") - one of the "effiable, essential and elemental orders" in the Chaldean cosmological scheme.

Iachadiel: an agel whose name is found inscribed on the 5th pentacle of the moon.

Iacoajul: angel of the 11th Hour of the night.

Iadara: an angel governing the sign of Virgo.

Iaeo: an angel invoked to exorcise demons.

Iahhel: an archangel who has dominion over philosphers and those who wish to withdraw from worldly concerns.

Ialcoajul: angel of the 11th hour of the night.

Iameth: an angel with the power to thwart Kunopegos, a demon of the sea.

Iaoth: one of the 7 archangels.

Iax: when invoked, an angel who can thwart stomach trouble and the demon of Envy.

Iboriel: an angelic guard of the 7th heavenly hall.

Iciriel: one of the 28 angels ruling the 28 mansions of the moon.

Idedi: in Akkadian theology, angels who have their dwelling in Heaven.

Idrael: an angelic guard of the 5th heavenly hall.

Idris: a name for Enoch in Koranic lore.

Iedidiel: an angel summoned up in ritual invocation.

Ieiaiel: an angel of the future.

Ielahiah: formerly an angel of the order of virtues, Ielahiah protects magistrates and renders decisions in legal suits.

Ierathel: an angel of the order of dominations.

Ietuqiel: an angel invoked by women at childbirth.

Ijasusael: in Enoch lore, one of the leaders of the angels of the seasons.

Ikkar Sof: the angelic ruler of the month of Schebat (January & February).

Imriel: ("eloquence of God") - angelic ruler or the month of Siwan (May & June).

In Hii: in Mandaean mythology, one of the 4 malki or uthri (i.e., angels) of the North Star.

Innocents: rank 10th of the 12 orders in the celestial hierarchy, with the angel Hanael as ruler.

Ioniel: one of 2 princes ruling the universe.

Irel: an angel resident of the 5th Heaven. He rules Tuesday and is invoked from the west.

Irin: ("watchers" or "holy watchers") - twin angels resident in the 6th heaven. The irin constitute, together with the twin qaddisin, constitute the supreme judgment council of the heavenly court.

Isda: an angel who provides nourishment to human beings.

Is(c)him: angels composed of snow and fire, resident of the 5th Heaven where Moses encountered them. They are interchangeable with the bene elim, who are of the order of throne or angels, with Azazel chief of the order. In the cabala the ishim are "the beautiful souls of just men (the saints)."

Isma'il: a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism; resident in 1st Heaven.

Ismoli: a ministering angel.

Isphan Darmaz: in Persian mythology Isphan Darmaz is the angel of the earth and the angel of February.

Israfel: in Arabic folklore, angel of resurrection and song, who will blow the trumpet on Judgment Day.

Ithuriel: ("discovery of God") - one of the 3 deputy sarim (princes) of the holy sefiroth serving under the ethnarchy of the angel Sephuriron.

Jabniel: one of the ruling angels of the 3rd Heaven.

Jabrail: one of the four archangels of Islam.

Jael: one of the twin Ccerubim on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, the other cherub being Zarall.

Jahoel: a high-ranking angel of Heaven. He is one of the ruling princes of the Seraphim.

Jaldabaoth: one of the seven Archons of gnosticism.

Janiel: angel of the 5th Heaven ruling on Tuesday and subject to the East Wind.

Jao: one of the seven Archons (angels) of gnosticism.

Japhkiel: a leader of the order of angels called Thrones.

Jariel: an angel of divine face or prescence.

Javan: a guardian angel whose special sovereignty is (or was) Greece.

Jazar: a genius who "compels love". One of the genii of the 7th hour.

Jeduhiel: thought to be one of the three unnamed archangels of the Judeo-Christian lore.

Jeduthun: lord of the evening choirs in heaven. As "Master of Howling" he leads myriads of angels in chanting hymns of praise of God at the close of each day.

Jehoel: mediator of the eneffable name and is one of the princes of the presence.

Jehudiel: a prince of the Archangels and ruler of the movement of the celestial spheres.

Jeliel: a seraph whose name is inscribed on the Tree of Life.

Jerazol: an angel of power mentioned in cabalistic works.

Jeremiel: ("God's Mercy") - once an angel who presided over the souls awaiting the resurrection. He was later renamed Raziel and assigned greater duties in Heaven.

Jesdoth: an angel who receives wisdom and knowledge direct from God for transmission to man.

Jeu: is a great angel, "overseer of light, arranger of the Cosmos."

Jevanael: one of the 7 princes that stand continually before God and to whom are given the spirit-names of the planets.

Jhudiel: angel overseeing Friday.

Johiel: angel of Paradise.

Jukar: "a prince over all the angels and all the Caesars," according to Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.

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