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Please remember that this is just a fraction of my research and ideas on the subject and does not cover, by far, the vast majority of information that there is about the Angelic Hierarchies.

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Angelic Hierarchy
Angelic Hierarchy Diagram

Middle Hierarchy (6th Dimension, 2nd Triad, Sphere, Choir, Order)


Dominions oversee the workforce in the heavens, delegating duties to other angels. This name "recorded" to be derived from the meaning of "Justice" itself. Dominion - The name of "the oldest angel" according to Philo. This order is also called in some hierarchal research as "Dominations."

Not only are their duties regulated to the realm of Justice but also to that of Mercy as well. Dominions have been tasked with the duty of seeing to the physical and spiritual worlds as well. Zadkiel leads this order.

Virtues derive their name from the word Virility and Courage. Known as the "shining ones", Virtues principal duty is to work miracles on earth. They are the bestowers of grace and valor. They, like the Dominions, also delegate duties to other angels though I have not found specifics to date. The angel Haniel leads the order Virtues.

Powers are the keepers of collective and your history, birth, death, etc. Their principal task is to see that order is imposed on the heavenly pathways. "The Powers," says Dionysius, "stop the efforts of demons who would overthrow the world." Most experts agree that the Powers keep the universe in working order and in harmony. Archangel Raphael leads the order of Powers.

Lower Hierarchy (5th Dimension, 3rd Triad, Sphere, Choir, Order)


Principalities guard all religions, countries, and cities. Watching over leaders and trying to help guide them to make right and just decisions. I have read that they not only protect humans, but spirits from attack by evil spirits. It is said that David defeated Goliath with the help of a prince/principality angel known as Cervill, Prince of Strength. Camael leads the order of Principalities.

Archangels are the most important messengers of the divine decree and leading in the never-ending battles against good and evil. Often is the case the term archangel is applied to any of the angels. This is not the case, as most angels in the higher orders are not archangels. Through documentation and literature it is noted that some archangels can belong to two or more orders. For example Zadkiel is ruler of the order of Dominions, and is also an archangel [or is referred to as one of the original seven archangels]. The ruling prince of the order is usually given to Raphael or Michael.

Angels in popular definition are a supernatural being intermediate between the Divine and man. An angel thought immaterial that is, bodiless, is usually depicted as having a body or inhabiting a body, winged, and clothed.

Our guardian angels reside in this group, being assigned from birth. Guardian Angels are the closest to the earth and humans in all the ranks of the angels. It is their primary mission to protect you from spiritual harm, but they can also protect you from physical harm as well (this is typical of angel encounter stories).

The Archangel Michael leads the order of Angels and Archangels.

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