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"Demon and Devil"

The word Devil is not derived from the root evil as some may think, but is actually from the Greek word diabolos meaning enemy, adversary, and prosecutor. Webster's Dictionary defines the word Devil to be: 1. the supreme evil spirit; Satan. What is also interesting is that in the same definition it also says 2. any evil spirit; demon.

If we then look up Demon it is stated 1. an evil spirit; a devil. Here again we see words that are interchangeable. First we had the examples of how Lucifer and Satan were mixed up, and now that it was determined that Satan was/is the Devil, this too is getting mixed up with his minions the Demons. To look into the word Demon even further, is derived from the Greek word daemon. These were spirits of either good or bad nature. This word was introduced into the Roman world to indicate evil forces, and it then entered early Christian writings with negative connotations of impure spirits.

Just as the Angels have been classified, and categorized into Hierarchies with duties and attributes so have the Demons. The most complex hierarchy was devised by Johann Weyer, who estimated that there were 7,405,926 demons serving under seventy-two princes.

Correspondence of Demons to the Seven Deadly Sins

Lucifer Pride
Mammon Avarice
Asmodeus Lust
Satan Anger
Beelzebub Gluttony
Leviathan Envy
Belphegor Vanity and Sloth

Demons devote themselves to tormenting human beings and assaulting them. Demons are also capable of possessing a human's spirit, soul, mind, and body. In these instances an Exorcism is performed on the person to rid or banish the demon [evil spirit].

Demon Hierarchy (in alphabetical order):

Abbadon: Prince of War--Guardian Demon in Hell.

Asmodeus: Is Persian rather then a Jewish Devil; however, incorporated into Jewish lore, he is there regarded as an evil spirit. Prince of Vengeance or Vessel of Wrath--In Hell he is the controller of all the gaming houses.

Astaroth: Great Duke of Infernal Regions--Prince of accuser and inquisitors. Before his fall, Astraoth was a Prince of the Order of Thrones, though there is some debate that he was not of the Thrones but of the Seraphim.

Belial: Prince of Iniquity. He is a fallen angel once of the Order of Virtues and is often equated to Satan.

Beelzebub: Originally a Syrian god--Chief of the 9 evil hierarchies of the underworld. He is ranked next to Satan in power and crime. His has also been known as "Lord of the Flies." Beelzebub is not an Angel but a Demon--an evil genius.

Mammon: Arch-Demon and Prince of Tempters. He is a fallen angel, although it is not known from which order he came from. He has been equated with Satan, Lucifer, and Beelzebub. He is also the demon of avarice.

Meririm: Prince of the Spirits of Pestilence. A boiling Spirit, who is pestilent (poisonous).

Pytho(n): Prince of the Spirits of Deceit or the Lying Spirits. He is the 2nd of the 9 Arch-Demons in the evil Hierarchy. Python is the monster serpent depicted in Greek Mythology.

Satan: Prince of Deluders.

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