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by Kimba

Writing about my lightwork is a difficult subject, because it is hard to put into words what one feels in their soul. It seems like the words are just beyond grasp, it makes me want to ask, "Is there any dictionaries that could possibly hold the words that I want to express!?"

Bringing people together of like minds, and then growing together with common goals is the most fulfilling kind of work there is. If you can call it work at all. Peace can be achieved with patience and tolerance. Compromise is in order to achieve peace, doing this without compromising ourselves is the key to true harmony.

I am sure that most people can look back on their lives and see times where they sold themselves short just to "keep the peace." It was not how you truly felt, but to avoid an argument, you fell silent. If you could go back in time, do you think that you could have kept the peace AND not lose your identity? Could harmony have been acquired if you or the other person could have taken just a little more time and patience to discuss the situation?

Yes, I know there are many out there that are just plain angry. They do not want peace. Their lives are in conflict. The soul, heart, mind, and emotions are at constant odds with each other. This is where lightwork begins. To educate, grow, learn, and LIVE!

If our common denominator is peace and harmony, then we have to learn to find ways to communicate with each other to reach these goals. Instead of taking the easy way out by getting angry with someone that has said something you do not particularly care to hear, take a moment to evaluate what was said. Was it truly said in malice? If so, then walk away. It is not worth your energy to argue. This negative energy only does more harm to your SELF. If it was something you did not want to hear, but needed to hear take a moment to reflect on what was said. Do not spat in anger, but discuss-communicate with the other person and get to the root of the matter. Solve the problem and move on.

Often at times things are said out of love, but come out sounding not nice at all. A very simple example is when you tell someone "That shirt looks nasty on you!" Is that statement saying that you look nasty? No of course not. The shirt is just not for you. But, you can see where someone's feelings could get hurt if they have a low self-esteem problem. Saying "You know I think this blue shirt would go with your lovely eyes!" Here you have suggested another choice, while complimenting on one of their strong points, the eyes. This gives a boost to the well being of the other person while uplifting your heart.

"All our lives we walk among heavenly beings, whether we believe in heaven or not. All our lives we are surrounded by individuals who spend their lives invisibly cheering us on." ~~Unknown

This statement kind of encompasses how I involve the Angels in my work. There are many lessons from their teachings that can be applied to our everyday lives. One of the greatest lessons is to be there for each other. To give an encouraging word when one is needed. A hug to comfort when one is having a bad day. Or lending an ear when one needs to "get something off their chest."

Now I know what you must be thinking, well this sounds like a lot of giving from me and taking from the other person, what do *I* get out of it?

Let's look at giving an encouraging word. When you place a hand on your friends shoulder and say it will be okay, we will figure this out together. The smile of appreciation that you get uplifts your heart knowing that through thick and thin, you will do it together. This is what you "get."

Giving a hug to comfort another. You do not receive a hug back? The tenderness that is exchanged between two people when they give a hug would be all that I would need to uplift my own spirits!

Lending an ear when one is needed gives you the opportunity to hear what another thinks and feels. Creating an intimate bond between two spirits. I am sure one day you will need an ear, and their will be one there for you as well. Probably from that same person you lent yours to! These are the teachings of love and compassion that our Angels have always tried to express to us.

No one is saying be a saint and never get mad! For that is an emotion that needs to be expressed or it will eat at you. All I am is saying; when you do get mad, express it in a more positive way. The more positive karma you send out, the more you shall receive. I am a firm believer in the phrase "what goes around, comes around."

A book that I am currently reading: Soul Stories by Gary Zukav. The chapter "Reverence for Life" he recounts a story about when he had ordered firewood for the winter. When the woodcutter told him that the price of the wood had gone up, he got a little upset. When the woodcutter then said his nephew would be stacking the wood up in a gruff tone, he started to become angry! Standing there the author started to converse with the nephew. "Do you like working for you Uncle?" asked the author to the boy. "Yes" answered the boy without stopping to pile the wood. "Why?" he asked. "This will pay for school clothes" pointing to the pile of wood. The author in his own words said "I melted."

I wanted to use this excerpt to show that there are times where we do not consider the "big" picture like we should. The author here was all set to be angry about having to pay more for the same lot of wood that he had purchased last winter. Not knowing that the woodcutter's family did not even have the means to purchase school clothes.

We all have our own problems, I will admit. But, if we could all help each other with those problems, could they be solved? Would then we be on a glorious path to peace and harmony? I do not know the answer to either one of these questions. But, I am willing to try, are you?

by Kimba

We often fall into a depression when we wake up in the morning and look out the window to see that the sky is gloomy and it is raining. I have always wondered why that is with some people. I can understand that it would put a damper on any plans of outdoor activity that one would have for the day, for example outdoor sports would be out of the question, and I guess some just "feel" better when the sun is shining.

I personally feel that there is light even in the gloom of a dreary day. I look at the rain as a way of cleansing not only Mother Earth but also our spirits/souls. With each drop that falls, our worries and concerns can be washed away. We can release our problems into the universe knowing that the Supreme will be there for us. To trust that we are doing the best we can in our human form, we are all that the Supreme is, but the Supreme is not all that we are.

In knowing this, we can then recognize that there is a Divine Plan. We may not understand this plan, but we come to a point where we accept this plan as a part of who we are. In recent years I have tried to take notice of any relation to when it rains and to when I am going through a difficult time in my life. And the results are astounding. Most times there is a downpour of cleansing rain either during or right after each trying phase in my life. This is enough proof for me that the Supreme is sending me the message that I am heard, that my cries for help are not going un-noticed.

Next time you look out the window and see rain falling take a step back and think about what is going on in your life right there and then. See the rain as a way of cleansing your spirit and in essence giving you a new outlook or perspective to your Divine Plan. Take this time to smile at the rain and give gratitude to the Supreme and Mother Nature for watching over you and reassuring you that you are not alone.

Rain nourishes the plants and animals, provides for the rivers and oceans, but also feeds our soul.

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