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Light Emerging - The Journey of Personal Healing
Light Emerging - The Journey of Personal Healing
by Barbara Brennan

Hands of Light - A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field
Hands of Light - A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field
by Barbara Brennan

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Angelic Lightwork Articles

Healing with the Angel Gabriel
by Kimba

A small introduction to Gabriel: is known as the archangel of revelation, creativity, and faith. His name means "God is my strength." Gabriel is called the bringer of good news for throughout much of the scriptures and ancient texts he has been known to bring tidings of joy and happiness. In legend/lore, Gabriel is female known as Gabriella - being the only female Archangel.

Archangel to those born under the sign: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. He is of the four winds, his direction west. Being "nature-like", his energy color is green. His symbol is that of a trumpet. Colors representative of Gabriel are: white and silver.

Where we call upon Archangel Raphael to help with most of our healing needs, Archangel Gabriel is a great teacher for giving guidance in some areas of healing as well. In his (or her) attributes of creativity Gabriel can help us to "see" light where there is darkness; or better put to help us to use our creativity and imagination to solve problems that may arise upon our path. This helps us to realize goals, prioritize, and overcome obstacles.

A good exercise (manifestation) that you can do when you may need guidance or direction upon your path is:

"Archangel Gabriel in your divine wisdom I come to ask for your assistance. Please share with me your knowledge in the matter of (insert your request here). I will do my best to fulfill my commitment to (either overcome obstacle or reach goal) and trust in your judgment. Please show me my path (or potential) and guide me. Thank you for your understanding love."

You can end with "So be it" or "Amen." This exercise can be used as a mantra during a meditation routine that you may have or just as a prayer that you may recite sometime during the day. You can also strengthen your resolve by lighting green, white, or silver candles. Remember that with any manifestation not to dwell on it, trust it unto the Universe and the Divine.

Healing your Inner Self with help from the Angels
by Kimba

“Your suffering may make an angel weep in her wings,
but it will never make her walk away.” ~~Unknown

I wanted to start off with this quote because it really does encompass the approach our Angels have regarding us when it comes to the trials and tribulations of our lives.

Living in light and love can be difficult in a predominantly ego based society. Believing the negative seems to be much easier then accentuating the positive in our lives. I think that everyone, at any level, can identify with this at some point in our lives. When these periods of darkness seem to over take the light force in our souls, we need to take a step back, a deep breathe, and begin the healing process of our inner self.

I know that some reading this will say “How can I find any light in a life that has brought me nothing but grief?” Believe it or not, you have already taken the first step to healing. You have acknowledged that there is a need to bring light back into your life. Here is where the Angels make their grand entrance, so to speak. Redirecting our desires is the next step on the path of re-awakening who we are.

Most of us, and I am guilty of this also, ask for guidance and help from our Angels only in time of need. We do not take care to listen to the daily messages of knowledge we receive. Our Guardian Angels are with us from the moment we decide to take our life's journey to the moment we return “home”. The most simple and mundane things in our day are embedded with lessons that our Angels are teaching us.

For example, when is the last time you looked at a tree and smiled? I mean really appreciated it as a creation of natural forces that we cannot see with our human eyes? As I look out my front window, I am amazed at the tree that is firmly rooted in my front yard. This tree stands so tall and proud. It has probably watched over this house for years, before I moved here that is for sure.

This tree that stands before me has seen bad storms with tormenting winds. It has seen beautiful blue skies and has experienced the sun shining on each of its fragile leaves. And, through it all, it still stands healthy and full of life.

This is the lesson that my Guardian Angel has imparted on me today. This lesson has brought knowledge to my inner self that I can use in making the choices I need to in my life. This wisdom that has been imparted to me, is priceless. It has no room for ego. I have learned that through even the most difficult of times, I will stand strong and firmly rooted in who I am. And right there by my side, will be my Guardian Angel. She may weep into her wings, she will share in my pain and suffering, but she will never walk away.

This is just one example of how our Angels really do take part in helping us to heal and bring light into our lives. In your darkest hour, remember to take pause and listen to your intuition, because it just might be your Angel reassuring you that you will get through this.

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