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"Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of the character, though few can decipher even fragments of their meaning.

~~Lydia M. Child

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Angelic Lightwork Articles

Trust the Angels
by Kimba

In today's world so much advice is given to us from the angels; some of this advice we hear and take to heart while most times we have difficulty deciphering their subtle messages from the hecticness that goes on around us. It is hard to trust what we learn from the angels for many different reasons.

The two largest mitigating factors are distrust and free will. First, let's take a look at distrust. Humans have become a dis-trusting breed - a more of "Show Me!" or "Give Me Proof!" Faith carries on so far for some, granted but, there is a time when doubts do arise.

Second, looking at free-will; the angels can impart all of their knowledge and wisdom but, it will fall on deaf ears if a person so chooses not to follow that wisdom. As humans we need to understand the angels will never "tell" us what to do, we have our free-will to make our own decisions.

I have had many instances over the years where I have done interpretations and relayed messages from the angels; lessons, wisdom, etc. and the client chose not to "hear". Only to be written later that if they had chosen to heed the angels knowledge their path would have been different; for the better.

Angels are not all about the "now" or the "quick fix" - listen to their messages of guidance, apply them to your path and have faith they are with you to help you. Begin the bond of trusting the angels.

Expand, Explore, and Enlighten
by Kimba

Expand your Mind...
Taking the time to learn all that you can. To further your knowledge in Light, Love, Peace, and Harmony.

Explore your Path...
Never selling yourself short, always keeping your eyes open. Experiencing all that life has to offer.

Enlighten your Spirit...
Living in Light and Love, uplifting your spirit. Raising yourself to a higher consciousness.

These three simple E's are food for thought. Easy to live by, but the road for some may be a difficult one. Know that YOU are special. YOU are all that encompasses the Divine. A positive affirmation will only BE, if you truly BELIEVE in it. When wanting to make a change, thinking it does not make it so. You must live it. Taking peace and harmony into your heart and soul, and then applying it in your everyday life--this is how to manifest your desires.

Remember that like attracts like. So if we try and manifest something positive in our lives, we have to learn to do away with "wanting." Want would then only begot more want, yes? If we desire it to be so, and BELIEVE it to be so, then the manifestation can take place.

Believing is another great word for nurturing. Just like a flower we must nurture the desire so that the "flower" will blossom. As you venture down your path of Light you will notice that the more you are enlightened to each step, the more YOU are blossoming.

Take time to write down what it is that you wish to manifest in your life. What it is that you truly desire in your heart. And what knowledge you want to gain and how it will make you a better person. Make these your daily affirmations of Life!

Healing with the Help of Raphael
by Kimba

"Angel Prayer of Healing - The light of healing surrounds us. Healing comes as one breathes in and slowly exhales the Divine energy of abundance. The riches of life are stored in each of us to enjoy...Reach within and bring to the surface the inner gifts that are available. Open your hearts and let the energy charge every fiber of your being. Feel beauty of angelic presence." Anjelae, "Angel Prayers"

Manifestation is a big part of healing lightwork it very well may be the basic foundation. Everything from saying a simple "thank you" or "excuse me" to working with a collective of like minds - sends out positive energies that create vibrations of higher stature. The place where the healing needs to begin is with the INNER SELF - this is what the passage above speaks of when it says "the riches are stored in each of us." There are many angels that have specific areas of healing. For example: Ariel is known for general overall healing, Mahzian for eyesight and Rahmiel for compassion. The angel that oversees all of these healer angels is Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael is known as the "Angel of Healing" his realm includes healing of the physical body, mankind and the world (earth). His symbol is that of the Caduceus that is also recognized the world over as the symbol used by medical community. He is also considered the angel of science and knowledge. In this we can ask Raphael for help in healing many different aspects of the earth - mankind, animals, plants, minerals, atmosphere, water, etc. We can, with the help of Raphael, release or even remove this negativity and allow the positive energy to flow freely.

"(Raphael) It is said that healing is the gift of spirit and comes from the universal source, which is composed of love and light, the two most powerful forces in the cosmos. We are all surrounded with this energy. Spiritual healers act as channels to direct it into themselves and others, but in fact anyone is capable of accessing a little energy, given sufficient focus and right frame of mind." McGerr, "A Harmony of Angels"

Before you work with Archangel Raphael - whether this is through invocation or just meditation, ensure that you are surrounding yourself with white light. This is a good way to ensure the safety and stability of your healing lightwork and yourself. If you are directing your energies to a specific person/place, you can also visualize a white light encompassing them/it as well. This is not so much to protect yourself from Raphael as it is to protect you from the negative energies that will work against your positive intentions.

Raphael's teachings can be applied to any healing aspect or spiritual modularity; for example if you are a Reiki practitioner, Aura reader, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan, Shaman, etc. When like minded people come together for a positive change; Raphael's teachings of healing can help.

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"May there be peace on earth, peace in the atmosphere, and in the heavens. Peaceful waters, the herbs and plants.

May the Divine bring us peace.

May the holy prayers and invocations of peace-liturgies generate ultimate peace and Happiness everywhere.

With these meditations, which resolve and dissolve harm, violence, and conflicts, we render peaceful whatever on earth is terrible, sinful, cruel, and violent.

Let the earth become fully auspicious, let everything be beneficial to us."
~~Atharva Veda, XIX-9

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