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There are seven archangels that are listed in most popular literature (documentation). These are: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Zadkiel, and Jophiel (Iofiel). Below you will find information on the last three.

Chamuel: His name means "he who seeks God" or "He who search's God." Variations of Chamuel's name include: Camael, Kamuel, Simiel, Semibel, Kemuel, Shemuel, Seraphiel, Camiel, Camiul, Khamael, Camniel, Cancel and Jahoel. He is known to be "one of the 7 archangels and chief of the order of dominations" and also a ruler of the powers.

Chamuel (Kamuel), like Gabriel, is the angel who strengthened Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane with the assurance of resurrection. [Rf. Barrett, The Magus; Enoch 1; R.L. Gales, "The Christian Lore of Angels," National Review, September 1910.] "In the cabala, Camael (Khamael, Kemuel) is one of the 10 (actually 9) archangels of the Briatic world."

One of his original titles was "Prince of War" (or even cited as "God of War"), though Michael is now associated as the Angel of War/Battle. He is cited as being the Angel of Mars. His color is red (red-tones). Tree: Pine or Cypress.

Zadkiel: His name means "righteousness of God." He is known to "be one of the angels of charity" this classification also puts him in the grouping along with the angels of mercy. Though he is from the "class" of Dominations, there has been some literature to suggest that he may be the Chief of the order.

In a couple of citations he is also of the order of shinanim, though I have only been able to find one that cites he is a "co-chief with Gabriel." It is cited that he is one of the seven archangels and that he assists Archangel Michael "when the great archangel bears his standard in battle." "He is also one of the 9 rulers of Heaven and one of the 7 archangels that stand on the presence of God."

Among some of the titles that he holds and/or shares are Angel of Benevolence, Angel of Freedom, and Angel of Mercy; in this he is known as the Patron Angel of Forgiveness.

Jophiel (Iofiel): His name means "beauty of God." Some do not usually find this archangel and list him under the "new age" angels - that is because this spelling is a variation and the true spelling of his name is Iofiel. Modern or "new age" angelologists list him as "one of twelve archangels." With his name being and meaning "beauty" he is accredited with being a patron of the arts.

He is the companion angel to the Metatron, and is cited as the Prince of Law, "usually included among the seven archangels and equated with Yefefiah." Agrippa cites, "Iofiel is ruler of the planet Saturn, alternating with Zaphchiel (Zaphkiel)." He is also the intelligence of the planet Jupiter.

Jophiel/Iofiel is Prince of the Order of Thrones in the majority of literature that I have read. He is considered to be one of the chiefs of the choir of Cherubim. Jophiel, though documentation states it was under the name Iofiel, was the Archangel who drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

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Zadkiel's Attunement Interpretation
Archangel Zadkiel offers his teachings in his capacity as the Angel of Benevolence and Mercy. His attributes of compassion and insight are used as a guide in this interpretation to better understand different aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. First, the Mind keyword relates to wisdom and knowledge. Second, the Body keyword relates to external influences or challenges. The last area is the Spirit keyword which references the internal influences. Finally is the Attunement keyword which aligns all three.


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